Replacing Rear Number Plate Bulb

Accord Saloon 03-08

  1. Nels
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    Two days before part exchanging my CN1, one of the rear number plate bulbs stopped working. I could have left it as it was, but that's not my way. This is a quick guide on changing the bulb. It's a simple job, and one you can easily do yourself. No point paying someone else to do it.

    Tools required: Trim removal/pry tool - that's all!

    1. To begin, ensure the ignition is off. Remove the plastic trim covering the lens units.

      This is done by inserting the trim removal tool along the gap - Red Arrows. (See the 3rd photograph for the location of the clips)

      The trim is held in quite firmly, so it needs a little force. DO NOT USE ANY METAL TOOLS here as you are likely to damage the paintwork and the plastic trim.

      IMG_7606 .1.

      Once removed, this is the plastic trim.


      Note the location of the clips. The red circles show that the black rubber washers are not on these two clips. They are still on the boot. Do not lose them.

    2. Remove the lens unit by sliding in the direction of the green arrow and then lifting away from the boot from the same side. There is a small lip, shown in the red circle, to push against.

      IMG_7603 . 1.

      Note the plastic 'spring' in the next photo - circled red.

      The green circle shows a rubber washer attached, whilst the orange one is 'missing'. (It's on the plastic trim removed earlier)

      IMG_7601 .1.
    3. Detach the lens from the bulb holder. This simply unclips.

      IMG_7598 .1. IMG_7595.
    4. You can now remove the old bulb and insert a new one.

      IMG_7599 . 1.
    5. Test the lights before you re-assemble the unit.

    The rest is simply the reverse of removal.

    I did clean all the bulb units and trim before I put everything back. I know you cannot see the reverse of the trim panel when it's on, but I could not put it back dirty. (My OCD strikes again!)

    Job done, time for a cuppa! :Tea:

    If you find any errors or omissions, please let me know.

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  1. hardcoresoldier
    An excellent write up sir. One of my led number plate lights is flickering and needs looking at. Been putting it off until i read this. Thank You.
    1. Nels
      Author's Response
      My pleasure. Sounds like a bad contact.
      It's quite a simple job, but the clips are stiff and decent trim removal tools make it easier.
  2. SpeedyGee
    Nice little write up @Nels
  3. Leo at H-Tune
    Leo at H-Tune
    Great mini write-up mate, I can remember when I first had to remove it and I was really unsure about whether that trim piece came free or not. Good point of reference!