Replacing Clutch Pedal

Accord 03-08

  1. K24CL9Guy
    So this is what I started with.

    As you can see there are multiple spot welded sections on it so obviously someone has tried to solve this issue before.


    I then bought a new clutch pedal assembly from Holdcroft Honda as suggested by you guys and with the club discount and free P&P which was appreciate :Smile:

    I suggest you start with the problem nut first as I did and trust me it's hard enough to locate let alone undo or tighten.

    I only knew of the location of it as Nighthawk mentioned it in his CMC DIY guide and was in the ten o'clock position.
    You will find it just behind what I can describe as the left shoulder of the clutch pedal plate but you will need patience, bendy fingers, be double jointed and be a contortionist to even brush your fingers on it.

    Ok so the weapon of choice for me to navigate the labyrinth was a deep 12mm socket on a flexible head with extension bar attached to a ratchet spanner.
    You will be able to guide the socket onto the nut with two fingers squeezed in the very small space available and slowly but surely unwind the nut off the bolt.
    Once you have got this nut off you are cooking on gas :Smile:
    Next undo the nuts located at 12 o'clock and 5 o'clock which is a dream to do after spending an hour on the 10 o'clock ;-)

    Next you need to pull the clip/pin out of the left side of the clevis pin with a pair of long nose pliers. Then you are able to push the clevis pin out with your finger from the left side and out through the right.

    Now all you need to do is unclip the electrical connection and you are able to carefully work it out of the footwell.


    Here is the old and new clutch pedals and as you can see the old one was in a bad way :-S

    Once you have got this nut off you are cooking on gas....


    Here is the bolt that caused me so much pain, it was such a relief to finally remove it to then be shortly going through the joy of putting it back on again :-/

    Next you need to use a 17mm spanner to remove the cylinder that the electrical connection plugs into. Be careful to make sure you keep the same amount of thread showing as it had before when tightening onto the new clutch pedal so not to need to do any adjustments after hopefully.

    Also now is the time to switch your pedal if non standard...

    Now it is literally a case of same in reverse.


    I carefully fed the CMC through the large hole and the bolts through the two small holes at ten and five o'clock.
    Next you need to pop the clevis pin back through from the right hand side making sure it is located correctly then push the clip back through to secure it.
    I then lined up hole at the top and screwed the bolt in loosely and same again with the nut at the bottom so that lined up ready for the problem nut.
    Once have spent another hour fiddling around getting the final nut on you will be finnished and jumping with joy :Smile:

    Hope this is helpful to anyone that may need to do it and trust me if I can do it I'm sure you can :-D
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  1. Ichiban
    Excellent work matey. I take it your car is perfect now?
    1. K24CL9Guy
      Author's Response
      Sadly not mate, it still doesn't like going into first without force :-S
  2. Anonymous
    Good informative guide.