Replace Power Steering (PAS) Oil Cooler

PAS Oil cooler power steering leak leaking fix

  1. Dave
    First off remove the front bumper.

    Unclip the clips that hold the pipe to the bodywork (these break easily so it maybe easier to pop them up as per pic and take them off the pipe after it's removed)


    Undo the bolt holding the cooler pipe bracket to the body, for easier removal of the pipe also remove the 2 x 10mm bolts that hold the metal bar in place 1 at the top and 1 underneath (the bar on the right hand side of the picture)


    Next undo the hose clips that fasten the rubber hoses onto the pipe as per the pictures and the other 2 plastic clips that hold the pipe as it comes up the chassis leg.

    pic4. pic5.

    Beware! You will get oil leaking from the bottom hose and from the pipe itself so have a tray handy.

    Once everything is undone the cooler pipe will slide out and it's just a case of putting it back together the same way it came apart. Fill the PAS fluid tank back up to the upper level and run the engine I waited a minute then turned the steering from lock to lock then checked for any signs of leakage and then check and top up the fluid as necessary.

    Easily done in under 1 hour.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Nels
    It may be a straight forward job, but we would be stranded without power steering. Thanks for posting.
  2. Ichiban
    Excellent stuff Dave. Good job
    1. Dave
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate hopefully it'll be of some help to other members if they encounter the same problem.