Pollen Filter Change (Petrol)

Accord 03-08 i-VTEC

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    To remove and replace the pollen filter from a 7th Generation Petrol or Diesel Honda Accord.

    According to Honda and the service schedule the dust and pollen filter should be replaced every 30,000 km (18,750 miles) or 1 year, whichever comes first. Replace the filter more often if the air flow is less than usual.

    The New Part and Part number
    1 Pollen Filter change 5.
    2 Pollen Filter change 6.

    1. Open the glove box remove all it contents and put it aside.Remove the damper from the glove box, and then let the glove box hang down. To remove the damper just push toward the bulkhead gently and the lock will release.

    Attached Damper

    3 Pollen Filter change.

    Detached Damper

    4 Pollen Filter change b.

    2. Detach the hook of the glove box damper and remove the screws. You do not need to remove both screws I just remove the left one completely. Leave the the right screw as it is. Note image is from a LHD car the positions are symmetrical on a RHD car.

    7 Pollen Filter change 2.

    3. While holding the glove box (A), release the glove box stop portion (B) on each side from the dashboard by pushing it inside, then remove the glove box to it down position.At this time I reinsert the left screw I removed to give the hanging glove box support.

    6 Pollen Filter change 8.JPG

    4. You will be able to see the Pollen filter front panel cover. To remove hold at either end pressing and pull out the tray. Please note there are SRS cables around this area do not alter the routing of these cables.
    5 Pollen Filter change 3.

    9 Pollen Filter change 10.JPG

    5. Remove the dust and pollen filter assembly from the evaporator.

    10 Pollen Filter change 4.
    6. Install the new pollen filter ensuring it is fitted with the air flow direction (A). Incorrectly installed pollen filters will restrict air flow. There are visible points on the filter tray (B) and Honda genuine part to remind you. Aftermarket filter may not have this.

    11 Pollen Filter change 9.JPG

    7. Install the parts in the reverse order of removal to finish.

    Top tip.

    I would change the filter every year irrespective of the mileage, fresh filter means fresher air.
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