MTF Inspection and Replacement

CR-V 07-10[RE-6] (N22A2) i-CTDi

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    Difficulty Level:
    Park the vehicle on level ground, and turn the ignition switch OFF.
    Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio and the navigation system, then write down the radio station presets.
    Disconnect the negative (-) cable first, then the positive (+) cable from the battery. Remove the battery.
    Remove the battery base (A) and the harness clips (B).
    Remove the engine undercover .
    Remove the oil check bolt (A) and washer (B). Check the condition of the fluid. If the fluid is dirty, remove the drain plug (C) and washer (D).
    Install the drain plug with a new washer.
    Remove the oil filler plug (A) and washer (B).
    Refill the transmission fluid from the oil filler plug hole, and until the transmission fluid overflows from the oil check bolt hole (A).
    After the fluid stops overflowing, install the oil check bolt (B) with a new washer (C).
    Fluid Capacity
    2.5 L (2.6 US qt, 2.2 Imp qt) at fluid change
    3.1 L (3.3 US qt, 2.7 Imp qt) at overhaul

    Always use Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). Using engine oil can cause stiffer shifting because it does not contain the proper additives.
    Install the oil filler plug (A) with a new washer (B).
    Install the battery base (A) and the harness clips (B).
    Install the battery. Connect the positive (+) cable first, then the negative (-) cable to the battery.
    Enter the anti-theft codes for the radio and navigation system, then enter the customer's radio station presets.
    Do the power window control unit reset procedure .
    Install the engine undercover .
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