Mini 0801 Dash Camera Installation (Cigarette Lighter & Hardwire Methods)


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    EDIT: I have updated this guide with a few videos, some showing this cameras weaknesses. Please take a look by clicking on the updates tab.

    There are two ways to install the dash camera:
    A) The cigarette lighter - easier, turns off as the car does though, cig lighter power can be dodgy at times
    B) Fuse tap - slightly harder, requires crimping (all explained below though), costs a bit more for equipment

    For each step I will clearly state on the first line for which methods the step is applicable for.

    What's required for the cigarette lighter method:
    Dash camera
    Dash camera holder and any connecting devices
    Cigarette lighter plug

    What's required for the hardwire method:
    Dash camera
    Dash camera holder and connecting devices
    Voltage cut off USB power converter - output of 5v required, voltage cut off 11.6v is ideal so the car can still start if the battery does wear down
    Mini blade fuse tap (mini size) - low profile is ideal though the standard does fit too.
    Crimping tool and terminals - crimping set

    1) This step is relevant to both methods as all we're doing is sticking the unit to the window and routing the wire through.

    Find an ideal place to stick the base unit - you don't want it to be visible from the driver side as it can be distracting.
    2014-07-01 15.38.04.

    Now thread the wire through the roof lining, it is very easy to tuck in and requires no removal of trim.
    2014-07-01 15.38.59.
    2014-07-01 15.39.03.
    2014-07-01 15.39.12.

    Please hide the USB cable fully - I left certain parts exposed to make it clearer in the photos.

    2) This step applies to cig lighter method only - route the rest of the cable through the groove on the side (not pictured) and hook it onto the trim where the footwell is. Then tuck it into the rest of the trim leading to the cigarette lighter socket and plug it in.
    2014-07-01 15.39.33.
    Ignore all those extra wires, you are just interested in the plugging in the black cig lighter socket.
    That's all the fitting done - go to step xx

    3) This applies to those hardwiring the camera

    Remove the 7.5AMP fuse from the fuse box on the passenger side of the car - this fuse is meant for the clock which is a permanent live circuit, If you'd rather have the dashcam to turn on/off with the ignition then choose an alternative fuse - test using a multimeter. Attach it to the fuse slot nearest to metal terminals of the fuse tap. Then add a 5 amp fuse to the other fuse holder.

    2014-07-03 16.57.09.

    4) This applies to those hardwiring the camera.
    Remove the trim on the underside of the footwell. There are two clips on the bottom left and right hand side which pull off easily. Then there are two clips at the top which are slightly stiffer so the use of a trim removal tool may help.
    2014-07-03 17.11.49.

    5) This step applies to those hardwiring the camera
    We need to ground it the DC converter. Remove the gold grounding bolt which is clearly located below the fuse box. Remove it using an adjustable wrench along with the washer.
    2014-07-03 17.12.33.

    6) This step applies to those hardwiring the camera
    Find a size 6 crimping terminal (usually yellow)
    2014-07-03 17.13.20.

    7) This step applies to those hardwiring the camera
    Crimp the negative end of the wire onto the yellow plastic connector. Make sure it is securely fitted, use a lot of force when doing so. Then loop it back onto the bolt.

    2014-07-03 17.19.30.

    8) This step applies to those hardwiring the camera
    Bolt the ground back in securely. Then crimp the postive end of the power unit to the blue end of the fuse tap.

    2014-07-03 17.26.28.

    9) This step applies to those hardwiring the camera
    Hide everything under the trim, reinstall the footwell plastic trim (top click in then the bottom is a soft push).

    If something isn't clear or if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

    Thanks for reading.


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  1. Big H
    Big H
    Had already added one of these to my wife's Jazz and just ordered the latest 806 version with a polarizing filter (to subdue dashboard reflections) for my CR-V at about £72 off Amazon (Aug '15).
    As others have mentioned, a nice easy install.
    Shame we can't simply have a plug-in a recording module utilising the traffic sign recognition camera as a source...
    1. Chunkylover53
      Author's Response
      Good work, I have since installed an 0806 with CPL and it has been perfect.
  2. Zoot
    Fantastic guide. Fitted my Mini 0803 today and it only took about 45 minutes to hide all the wires.

    You are spot on in the fact there is no need to do anything with the roof lining as the wire pushes neatly behind - the same with the door pillar. I've wired mine to the cigarette lighter via the cig lighter cable that came with the camera.

    The car is a 2014 CR-V

    Thanks again.
    1. Chunkylover53
      Author's Response
      Brilliant, nice to know this guide is pretty much universal across the Honda range. Feel free to upload some footage from your camera, I'd love to see the difference in quality between the 0801 and 0803.
  3. Anonymous
    Great guide. A job many of us want to do. Thank you for posting it up.
  4. AndyB1976
    Excellent guide, going to invest on one of these because of this!