Manual gearbox oil change

All manual transmission models

  1. Rhodrich
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    Quite an easy job, but you need an oil suction gun to do it (which I didn't have). Bit annoying really, as gearbox oil bottles always used to have tubes attached to them.

    Here's what you need:

    Jack up car, and remove front nearside wheel for easy access. Then looking down the driveshaft towards the gearbox, you can see the two bolts you're going to need to undo.

    Top 17mm one is the filler, and bottom 3/8" square drive one is the drain plug. Remove the top one first, then the bottom one, making sure you've got an oil pan below to catch the oil. Here they are removed:

    Then replace the bottom one (using a new washer if possible), and fill with about 1.75 litres of MTF-3 using your oil suction gun. Use your jack to try and make sure the car is level when you're doing this:

    When it starts to spill out of the top hole, you're done. Replace the top nut (using a new washer if possible), then replace the road wheel. Job done!
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