Making any mudflap for your car

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  1. wastrel
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    looking around the forum I think the only thing useful I could contribute right now (being a mechanical idiot!) is how I fitted the mud guards to my car, difficult to see in my home pic, trust me, they`re there & fit perfectly, the cost of genuine Honda ones £120!! almost floored me, I bought mine from a scrapyard,, fitted to a small jap H`back (charade I think) I brought em home & set about making them fit the oddly shaped side skirts that meant standard Honda ones (still waaay too much) wouldn`t do. they`re a bit difficult to see in the pic but trust me, with this method you can make virtually ANY `flaps fit perfectly & rejuvenate the finish at the same time.
    I sat mine in boiling water as I set up my erm, set up! basically a heat gun, good gloves & some self tapping short screws.
    I heated the `flaps further, slowly, with the gun & simply pressed them into place (wearing thick gloves helps here) & let them cool off in the shape required, now, this takes patience & several attempts to get right, I thought I`d have to finish mine off with some black silicone to fill in the gaps, but, when I`d finished there wasn`t any, so, take your time, heat, press & wait. as you heat plastic, it`s original colour is restored (up to a point) this is what I call summit for nothing, my `flaps were remoulded, rejuvenated & fitted in about 2 hours, the scrappy charged me a fiver for them!