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Accord 03-08

  1. demon-knight
    LED Conversion for 7th Generation Accord
    Updated on the 09/03/12

    This is my contribution to the forum to give a little back and hopefully help out others that may choose to do this.
    I will update this post as time allows with pictures and details of bulb type, before and after pictures.
    Normally I would do it all at once but with the wife been ill I have to split my time between her and my daughter.

    Bulb Model Numbers

    This list to the best of my knowledge is correct, if you spot an error let me know and I will correct it.

    Where possible go for the SMD type led

    Light Type Colour
    Sidelight 501 White
    Indicator 7440 Orange
    Brake 7443 Red
    Rear Fog 7440 Red
    Reverse 7440 White
    Door Card 501 White
    Map Light 31mm Festoon White
    Sunvisor (Vanity Mirror) 31mm Fuse White
    Numberplate 501 White
    Glovebox Front Fog 501 H11 White

    Bulb Pictures

    Here is the LED's that I have so far, I already have a set of 501's that I will upload later.
    For the interior lights instead of using festoon or 501's I got some of the panel lights which are shown in the last 2 images.
    I don't know if they fit but for £2 each it was worth a punt.
    They come with adapters for different fittings so time will tell if they are any good, if they are gravy if not I will find a use for them

    For the interior I have gone with white LED's but there is loads of different colours to chose from.

    All in all I have spent less than £20 for all the bulbs including the 501's

    For the numberplate I have also ordered a reverse camera which I will fit once it arrived from China (thanks to accordsedan for info here)

    I bought all these on ebay from different people (I like to experiment)

    Front Fog




    Interior Large

    Interior Small

    Update Interior 23-03-2012

    OK so had time to do a small update of the internal lights, first up is the reading lights in the front, these were 31mm festoon and I replaced them with the interior small led panel pictured above.

    Before on the left and after on the right


    This is the rear passenger light (before) again a 31mm festoon which i replaced with the large led panel, pictured above

    And this is after, believe it or not these pics were taken in full daylight. If im honest I think the panel led is too much as the pic below is how it looks when the light is on. I will be swapping this one out for a 4 led festoon instead at a later date.

    Update: 19/05/2012
    I have finally managed to get the front fogs changed over best thing is I didnt need to remove any trim just one bolt on each side did it all.
    Sorry for the quality of the pictures.



    That's all I have time for now but will have more updates soon....

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