Jacking Up and Supporting Safely

Civic 92-95 [EJ6]

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    Frame Hoist or Four Post Lift
    Hoisting the car on four post lift or resting the Axel stands.

    • Since each tyre/wheel assembly weighs approximately 14 kg (30 lbs), placing the front wheels in the trunk can assist with weight distribution.
    • Use the same support points to support the car on safety axle stands.
    • Place the lift blocks as shown.
    • Raise the hoist a few inches (centimeters), and rock the car to be sure it is firmly supported.
    • Raise the hoist to full height, and inspect lift points for solid support.
    HK Honda Civic EJ6 Lift 1.PNG

    NOTE: When heavy rear components such as suspension, fuel tank, spare tyre and trunk lid are to be removed, place additional weight in the trunk before hoisting. When substantial weight is removed from the rear of the car, the center of gravity may change and can cause the car to tip forward on the hoist.

    High Lift Floor Jack
    • Set the parking brake, and block the wheels that are not being lifted.
    • When lifting the rear of the car, put the gearshift lever in reverse (Automatic in [P] position).
    • Raise the car high enough to insert the safety stands.
    • Adjust and place the safety stands as shown so the car will be approximately level, then lower the car onto them.
    HK Honda Civic EJ6 Lift 2.PNG

    NOTE Always use safety stands when working on or under any vehicle that is supported on by a jack.
    Never attempt to use a bumper jack for lifting or supporting the car.

    HK Honda Civic EJ6 Lift 3.PNG
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