Jacking Up and Supporting Safely

CR-Z 10-14 [ZF1, ZF2]

  1. Dom
    The sporty two door Honda CR-Z sadly withdrawn in 2014 due to lack of Hybrid sales in Europe.This guide is for all those fortunate ones who have this little gem and work on your own cars.
    The CR-Z does not have front facing jacking bracket like Civic and Accord's which make the owner to adapt to unsafe lifting techniques which can be dangerous.On the CR-Z It is further down the front of the car and not clear marked,I hope this thread goes to prove there is safe way of doing it.

    Frame Hoist or Four Post Lift
    Hoisting the car on four post lift or resting the Axel stands.
    • Position the lift blocks (A) under the vehicle's front support points (B) and rear support points (C).
    • Be sure to secure the enough clearance for the support points, otherwise vehicles get damage.*
    HK CR-Z Lift 1.PNG
    • Raise the lift a few inches, and rock the vehicle gently to be sure it is firmly supported.
    • Raise the lift to its full height, and inspect the vehicle support points for solid contact with the lift blocks.
    High Lift Floor Jack

    • When lifting the front of the vehicle, set the parking brake. When lifting the rear of the vehicle, put the shift lever in reverse.
    • Block the wheels that are not being lifted.
    • Position the floor jack under the front jacking bracket (A) or the rear jacking bracket (B). Center the jacking bracket on the jack lift platform, and jack up the vehicle high enough to fit the safety stands under it.
    HK CR-Z Lift 2.PNG
    Be sure to secure the enough clearance for the floor jack, otherwise vehicles get damage.
    • Position the safety stands under the support points, and adjust them so the vehicle is level side-to-side.
    • Lower the vehicle onto the stands.

    Since the front jacking bracket is near the back of the engine you have to ensure your jack is positioned central to the jack pad. If it is not it can slip and hit the catalytic convertor and damage it. So take your time and ensure the jack pad and jacking bracket are central.

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  1. CRzGTDan89
    I am one of the lucky ones , I will bear this in mind. But my CR-Z came with tyre repair and not a spare. Still useful info to know.