Installing K&N Typhoon Induction Kit and HID Foglights

Accord 03-08 [CL7, CL9, CM1, CM2] (K20A, K20A6, K24A3)

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    So firstly I removed the clips in the radiator cover using two flat head screwdrivers.

    1. 2. 3.

    Next I removed the two screws in the arches either side.

    4. 5.

    I then took out the clips underneath (not many on mine) and removed the cable ties where the missing clips should have been ;-)

    6. 7. 8.

    Once had completed this I was really worried about getting the bumper back on afterwards but thought would proceed anyway :Tongue:

    All that was needed next was to unscrew the screws which go up on an angle in the corners of the arches (one each side) then carefully work the bumper out which took both hands so no photo's.


    This was now the point of no return and as time was getting on had really wished had a chance to make a start earlier.

    10. 11. 12.

    I then unwrapped everything ready to go in that night or so I thought.....

    I then looked at how I was going to install the foglights and realised I would need some connectors so decided to leave this for now and proceed to remove the airboxs etc to install the induction kit.


    I started on the airbox at the bottom first by removing the three bolts holding it in place.

    14. 15. 16.

    I couldn't get a pic of the third bolt as was right at the back to the right near the top and needed a couple of extensions to undo it.

    I tried to then wiggle it out as read could do with no luck so removed the airbox at the top next to see if would help getting it out.

    17. 18.

    Next I removed this cover in the left of the picture and the tube below it.

    19. 20.

    I also removed the battery.


    Finally i managed to remove the box at the bottom I started on.


    Now we were getting somewhere and wanted to try and get the induction in before darkness so this is the last picture I took which is after I had taken out the pipes and sensors etc and pulled it off the throttle body.


    We did manage to put it in by 6pm that night and was pitch black by then and finnished it with a lil help from my bro who faced my car with his lights on in the field/park opposite my house :Tongue:

    Will show the connections in pics to follow but these were taken on the following morning which I might add was a glorious sunny day and was very thankful for :Smile:

    24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

    There are two z brackets that hold the induction in place, one at the top that you have a rubber block that has thread coming out each side that you screw into an existing threaded hole in the engine bay and the other side goes through the bracket and is bolted tight.


    The other bracket is also screwed into an existing threaded hole just down from where the induction comes out of the engine bay.


    The airfilter now fits nicely where the air cleaner box used to be and I cleaned it all up so that my induction wouldn't suck up any dirt once up and running.

    32. 33.

    With the induction all secured in place and area cleaned up it was time to concentrate on the foglights and getting the bumper back on.

    I started by cleaning the inside of the front bumper up.


    I then plugged the HIDs together with the ballasts and attached spade connectors so could attach them to the existing fog-light wiring from the car.

    35. 36.

    I then used numberplate tape so I could stick the box's to the bumper.

    37. 38.

    I also used small screws to secure the ballasts in place.


    Here is a quick pic of what had removed the night before to get the induction in.


    So the existing foglights had connectors that I couldn't use so had to cut them off and replace with the opposite spade connector that had used on the HIDs.

    41. 42. 43.

    Once all connected and taped up I turned the lights on (after re-attaching the battery) to make sure they worked before popping the bumper back on.

    44. 45.

    All good so fired the bumper back on in reverse of how i took it off and stood back in amazement in what I had achieved :-D

    46. 47.

    Here is a pic to show the end result please check out my garage to see more.

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