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Honda Civic 6th Generation 1996- 2000, 1.4

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    In this guide I will be showing you how to replace the distributor cap, rotar arm and coil pack and also provide a drawing on how to put the HT leads back on in the correct formation.

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    ^^ the first step you will need to take in order to replace these items is to remove the HT leads from the distributor cap carefully taking note of which goes where ( I will insert a drawing of the way it should be done).
    After you have removed the HT leads you will then need to remove these 3 bolts which hold the distributor cap in place, once you have them all removed the distributor cap will simply pull off which will reveal the rotor arm.
    ^^ Once you have uncovered the rotar arm you need to have it sitting with the screw in the upwards position in order to loosen it, if by chance yours is already sitting in the correct position all you will need is a pozi 2 screw driver to remove it and then take a firm grip of the rotar arm and pull it off.
    If by chance your rotar arm is not in this position when you take of the distributor cap you will have to act as if you are trying to turn your car on and crank your car once or twice, this will turn this arm, each time you do it take a quick check to see where the rotar arm is positioned and take action from there either by cranking the car with the key or if it has moved into the correct position you remove the screw holding it in place.
    ^^ Once you have removed the rotar arm you will the need to remove this cover which protects the coil pack and wiring. This should just simply slide off.
    ^^ After the cover has been removed you will then need to undo these two screws which hold in place the wires which attach to the coil pack. For this I used a pozi 2 screw driver socket with a ratchet to be able to get into this tight area. Once the two screws have been removed and the wired disconnected the coil pack will slide out of there and you will then replace it with the new one.

    :Whiteflag: Please insure that you are very careful not to destroy the ends of these two heads as on my car they where very soft and I managed to destroy one, thankfully I had a screw something similar to this that I cut to size and put the two washers onto and it worked just fine but I was unable to purchase them from any of my local parts distributors :Whiteflag:

    ^^ These two drawings that I have inserted are the order in which your HT leads should be replaced back into your distributor cap and engine. (I hope they make sense. On the second picture the circle with the four dots and line across is the side your ignition pieces which you have just replaced should be on).

    In order to reassemble you should follow these instructions in reverse while replacing all the old parts with your new ones and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a quick question, I’m sure everyone will be happy to try and help you out!

    Good luck! :Grin:


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