How to Insert Images on the Forum

From your device or elsewhere on the web

  1. Dom
    You have two options to do this:
    1. Via a URL
    2. Directly from your device
    How to Insert a Picture via URL:

    You see an image on the web you want to insert on the forum, right-click it and select "Copy Image Location". This copies the URL to the image into your clipboard. Then using the using the editor, click/tap on the image icon highlighted below:


    You will then be presented with:


    Select the text area either with your mouse or by taping it on a touch-screen device. Then either right-click or long-press to see the option to "Paste" the copied URL you selected earlier from your clipboard:


    Click Insert and your Image will be insert like so.


    Wherever you left off typing is where the image will be inserted by default. Our site will attempt to download the file automatically and host it if possible.

    How to Insert Images Directly From Your Device:

    When creating a new topic, or replying to an existing one, click on the "Upload a File" button as shown below:


    You will be presented with a file browser that will differ depending on your device, I am using a windows machine:


    Navigate to and select the images that you wish to upload. You can select one image or multiple images in one go.

    On a windows machine holding the "CTRL" key down will allow you to select more than one, similarly the "Shift" key will allow you to select a set of files in order by clicking the first, holding "Shift" and then clicking the last:


    The images will then start to upload and you'll be given a live progression, you may need to scroll down to see the status:


    Once they are uploaded you can insert the image to any location, by default this is either where you left off typing, or where you last clicking/tapped in the text area.

    Please click on the Thumbnail or Full Image icon to insert your images. If you don't the images come will appear as attachments.
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    Mike c
    Great instruction
    1. Dom
      Author's Response
      The guide has been updated to ensure after uploading to click on the images to embed them into the thread.