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  1. Dom
    A simple and effective guide to get your Club HK stickers on properly on your vehicle. This guide is for flat surfaces only.

    I have been using this technique for years and it has always worked without any issue, and once they are stuck on for good.

    1) First clean the surface area I like to use T cut glass polish as it removes any residue of Traffic road film, dirt or any treatment you may have used prior to this application.You want the glass area to be spotless.

    I used a foam applicator the red one in the image to apply then quickly buff off the area with a microfibre. Then wipe the area down with IPA (Alcohol) to remove traces of the T cut polish film, your surface is now ready to receive your sticker.

    Once happy your selected area I would suggest you do a dry run and place your sticker on the area and look at it to see you are happy and get your positioning right. You can use masking tape on the top and sides to guide you along when you come to stick it on.

    Leave the masking tape in place and use it for your reference grid or if you are me your eyes are good enough. Either way use what works for you best.

    Now prep your sticker. I like to warm my stickers before applying so I leave then on radiators for 10 minutes. It just gets the adhesive tackier and forgiving if you make a mistake,

    Take the bottom edge of the sticker and peel and fold it like so.

    Take the sticker and get your bottom edge aligned to your area, In my case the bottom of the glass lip.

    Ensure you get the exposed area properly adhered to the surface use your thumps running them inside outside make sure you get the entire area is on with no bubbles.

    Looking at the back of the sticker

    Using a plastic card apply pressure on the sticker whilst slowly peeling the folded backing in small increments giving you sufficient time to ensure the sticker is free from bubbles. You can use a dedicated decal plastic applicator but you have loads of plastic in your wallet.:Wink:

    Peeling away the backing gently whilst maintaining pressure with the plastic card.

    Stand back and admire you sticker free from bubbles or imperfections.Run your plastic card on the outer rim ensure the ends are adhered otherwise the ends will eventually peel eventually.
    Using the same technique this is how I prep the other stickers to get the initial purchase on the surface.

    1st Clear Type Sticker
    IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2647.JPG

    2nd type clear sticker

    Close up see no bubbles :Yahoo:

    IMG_2641.JPG IMG_2642.JPG
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