HID Retro Fit

Accord 03-08

  1. Dom
    The aim of this mod was to mimic as near to a Honda factory HID install, ensuring the headlight beam is not contaminated with condensation. Pre-facelift 7th Generation Accord headlights are notorious for this, by adopting the factory method you can safely minimize self-inflected issues.

    In an ideal world if you can wash the top slam panel and all the area around the bumper then removal of clips and the entire job become way easier , it not a must but it does help.

    After washing and drying the front end give the entire plastic clip a small squirt of penetrating fluid so the inner pins can be freed easily without breaking or marking the clips. Do not overdo the fluid squirting on the slam panel as you will create a mess have a clean rag to mop up any excess. However on the bolts and screws give them a health amount to get them free without shearing off.

    Take two flat head screwdrivers and mask the tips of with an inch of masking tape then using these two screwdriver at opposite end of the clips ensuring the pin is pulled out evenly. There is a factory tool for this I will find out the part number. These plastic pin are expensive around £0.40 each from Honda dealers, there are aftermarket variants but they don’t look as neat the Honda clips. So take your time and avoid the damage.

    First take the top slam panel off


    Then the screw at the top fender corners then all the clips underneath the bumper as shown above ,then pull the top corner off the corner gently and the headlight hooks will slowly give way. Stop half way then go to the other side and do the same.

    You will find by holding the bottom grill below the number plate in one motion you can remove the entire bumper from the car. Without the need of a helper and on refitting you can do the same in reversal. Store the bumper on a flat ground ideally on soft mat so the paint surface isn’t damaged.

    Once the bumper is removed from the car we want to remove the headlight. Before you remove the headlight taking a pencil mark the outer circumference of the bolts on the top and the side. This will ensure when you come to refit them they go back into it same location and negates the need for a headlight adjustment. Then give the front end a good wash and scrub cleaning the headlight area.

    Take the head lift and on the bottom you will find this bung blocked off .


    Drill the hole to the exact dimension of the rubber grommet on the HID power leads, like so


    Make sure you have cloth inside the headlight to capture all the plastic shaving whilst drilling you don’t want the small crumbs in your headlight, you can use a household vacuum on the lowest setting to suck the remainder out. Be careful you don’t get too close to the silica gel bag.


    Do the same on the other headlight , on completion then plan you ballast location I have used slim line one with a piggy back black box and positioned them with double sides tape and cable ties.




    Install the headlight connect the wiring looms ensuring they are mounted with the marking you had done earlier. Then start the car and check all lights.

    Finishing touches two new HID warning covers


    Then it a simple case of reinstalling all your components in reverse ,Please note fitting aftermarket HID will soon get picked up on MOT’s so you may need to remove them for a road worthy car.
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