Handbrake Adjustment (Tourer)

Accord Tourer 03-08 (Manual Transmission)

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    If you find your handbrake set way too high and need the feel to adjust the lever for a lower engagement point and better bite follow this guide..

    How to check if you handbrake need adjusting:

    For those who need to do it scientifically pull the parking brake lever attached to a digital force gauge to measure the (A) with 196 N (20 kgf, 44 lbf) force to fully apply the parking brake. The parking brake lever should be locked within the specified number of clicks (B). Lever locked clicks: 8 to 10

    Adjust the parking brake if the lever clicks are not within the specification.
    NOTE: Minor parking brake lever adjustments (1 to 2 clicks) can be made with the adjusting nut in the equalizer. If a larger adjustment is required, follow the major adjustment procedure using the adjuster at the parking brake drum.
    After installing new parking brake shoes and/or new rear brake disc/drums, make sure you drive the vehicle for ‘‘break-in''.

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    Minor Adjustment

    1) Raise the rear of the vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.Guides - Correct Jacking Points • Honda Karma

    2) Release the parking brake lever fully.

    3) Remove the center console.

    For Manual Transmission:
    Remove the shift knob (A).
    5-speed M/T: Lower the shift lever boot (B) to release the hook (C) from the knob.
    6-speed M/T: Loosen the locknut (D).
    Remove the shift knob.

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    Detach the clips (A, B) by pulling the center console front panel (C) up. If equipped, disconnect the seat heater switch connectors (D).

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    Detach the clip (A) by pulling the ashtray (B) up.

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    Remove the screws (A), detach the clips (B) and hook (C) by pulling the center holder (D) up, and disconnect the cigarette lighter connector (E), cigarette lighter light connector (F), and cigarette lighter light bulb socket (G).

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    Detach the clips (A, B) by pulling the center console rear panel (C) up.

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    Remove the center console (A).
    • Open the console box lid (B) then remove the console mat (C). '05 model onwards: Disconnect the rear accessory power socket connector (D), and detach the clip (E).
    • Remove the screws (F, G), then pull up the rear portion of the console up to release the hooks (H), then remove the console.
    Install the console in the reverse order of removal, and replace any damaged clips

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    Top tip in the central console where the rear ashtray in situated you will see two philips head screws towards the bottom. if you remove them you can gain access to the parking brake adjusting nut without the need to dismantle the entire central console.

    4) Pull the parking brake lever 1 click.

    5)Tighten the adjusting nut (A) until the parking brakes drag slightly when the rear wheels are turned.

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    6) Release the parking brake lever fully, and check that the parking brakes do not drag when the rear wheels are turned. Readjust if necessary.

    7) Make sure the parking brakes are fully applied when the parking brake lever is pulled all the way.

    8) Install the center console. reverse of step 3

    Major Adjustment (to be done when replacing parking brake shoes and after lining surface break-in)
    • Raise the rear of the vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.
    • Release the parking brake lever fully.
    • Remove the center console cover to get to the central adjustment nut.
    • Back off the adjusting nut (A) in the equalizer.
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    • Remove the rear wheels.
    • Remove the access plug (A).
    • Turn the ratchet teeth (B) on the adjuster assembly (C) with a flat-tip screwdriver (D) until the shoes lock against the parking brake drum. Then back off the adjuster 8 clicks, and install the access plug.
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    • Do the minor adjustment procedure see above.
    • Install the rear wheels.Tighten the wheel lug nuts to a 108 Nm.
    • Install the rear access panel to the central console.
    Can someone please do a actual DIY to support this guide.