Handbrake Adjustment on my CN1

Accord 03-08 Saloon

  1. Nels
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    Since I had all the photos, I thought I may as well post them.

    This is not exactly as per the guidance, but what worked for me.
    There is no adjustment at the wheels.
    It took me a couple of hours, but I did stop frequently to take photos.
    Additionally, I wanted to ensure there was no damage to any of the trim etc.
    A normal person should be able to complete this in just over an hour :Smile:

    Tools required:
    Cross head screwdriver
    Broad, trim removal tool
    Open ended Spanner
    Trolley jack
    Axle stands
    Wheel wedges

    IMG_5917 . 1. IMG_5918 . 1.

    A. Centre Console 'Removal'

    IMG_5814 . 1.

    1 Open Cigarette Lighter / Ashtray compartment, and remove the ashtray. It lifts up from the front edge.

    IMG_5896 . 1.

    IMG_5897 . 1.

    2 Using the trim removal tool, lever the front edge of the gear lever panel. The clips are at each corner.
    The front will pop up.

    _MG_5902 . 1.

    3 Insert the trim removal tool, just behind the heated seat switch, and slide it towards the rear corner to release the back clip. Repeat for the other side.

    _MG_5899 . 1.

    4 Lift the panel up to expose the heated seat switches, and pull out the multi-plugs. There is a small lever to depress to do this.

    _MG_5900 . 1.

    5 Pull the panel over the gear knob. There was no need to remove the gear knob.

    IMG_5757 . 1.

    6 Remove the screws holding the cigarette lighter box. (there are 2) and just lift the front edge up, to expose the front centre console screws.
    IMG_5914 . 2.

    7 Remove the two front, centre console screws.

    IMG_5764 . 2.

    8 Remove the two middle, centre console screws.

    IMG_5763 . 2.

    9 Remove the rubber mat inside the armrest storage bin and then remove the two screws at the back.

    IMG_5761 . 1.

    IMG_5758 . 1.

    10 Hold the console firmly, either side of the handbrake lever, lift and pull backwards to unclip the front section.
    Release the handbrake and engage 1st gear.
    IMG_5759 . 1.

    11 Prop the rear of the console, to expose the handbrake adjustment nut.

    IMG_5756 . 2.

    B. Jack up the rear of the car

    Place wedges in front of both front wheels

    IMG_5772 . 1.

    Raise the rear of the car with a trolley jack, positioned in red circle.

    IMG_5868 . 2.

    Axle stands are positioned on the green DOT, in the green circle on each side.
    Lower the car onto the axe stands.

    IMG_5883 . 2.

    C. Adjusting the Handbrake

    Turn the adjuster nut (A 11 above) so that the rear wheels just begin to turn freely.
    Engage the handbrake and check the rear wheels do not turn.
    The handbrake should be firmly engaged at about 7-8 clicks.
    It can still be pulled up a further 1-2 clicks if needed.

    This is the setting I found worked best.

    When I carried out this adjustment, I had just fitted new discs and pads.
    The rear wheels did no turn as freely as I wanted.
    After a few days, they did free up more, as the pads and discs started to wear in.

    D Refit everything. Job done. :Smile:

    My car was built 10-11 years ago. The metal clips holding the console trim in place were rough due to surface oxidation. This made removal more difficult. Before re-assembly, I did smear some grease onto the clips to help removal next time.

    View attachment 22163 View attachment 22164 View attachment 22165 View attachment 22166

    Time for a cup of tea ! :Tea:
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    mate this works even on my stream, great help..
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      I'm glad you've found it helpful.
  2. AccordMavman
    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this guide, it was spot on. I only used part of it to replace my cup holder but it was really helpful. All back together & working fine. Thank you...
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      Glad it was helpful to you :-)
  3. Anonymous
    Well done Nels spot on.
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      Many thanks. This is a great site. If we all gave something back, it would easily beat the rest !