Gearbox/Transmission Fluid Replacement (MTF, Petrol)

Accord 03-08 i-VTEC (Manual Transmission)

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    To start things you have to jack the car up safely have a look at this thread. Please dispose of the old oil at your local council tip do not drain it down anywhere else..

    Remove the splash shield (A).
    1. From both wheel arch, remove the bolts (B), clips (C), and clip (D) (right side for some models) securing the front inner fender (E) and splash shield (on the body).
    2. From under the front bumper (F), remove the clips (C), and bolts (G) (with engine under cover).
    3. Release the hooks (H) of the splash shield, then pull the splash shield out.
    Note: Take care not to scratch the body.

    Install the splash shield in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    1. Replace any damaged clips.
    2. Push the clips into place securely.

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    These bolts have a habit of snapping off so soak them with penetrating fluid before tuning and turn slowly.

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    Park the vehicle on level ground, and turn the engine OFF.
    Remove the oil filler plug (A) and washer (B), check the condition of the fluid, and make sure the fluid is at the proper level (C).

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    If the transmission fluid is dirty, remove the drain plug (D) and drain the fluid.
    Reinstall the drain plug with a new washer, and refill the transmission fluid to the proper level.

    (D) Drain plug

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    Oil Capacity

    1.9 Liters at Fluid Change
    2.1 Liters at Overhaul

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    Always use Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). Using motor oil can cause stiffer shifting because it does not contain the proper additives.

    Reinstall the oil filler plug (A) with a new washer.

    Clean up the oil on the subframe before you put the engine undercover on.

    What you need to order before you start the job:

    Order two liters of MTF from your local dealer or HH to get your discount and free delivery.
    Two washers one for the drain bolt and filler bolt