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    As requested, here's a guide to replacing the fuel filter on a petrol FR-V. All models should be the same.

    The fuel filter is located beneath the centre rear seat.

    Step 1:
    Relieve pressure in the fuel system, by unscrewing the fuel filler. The fuel tank is under positive pressure, so you should hear a hissing sounds as you unscrew the cap. Once the pressure is relieved, the cap can be replaced.

    Step 2:
    Move front seat forward as far as it will go to give you space to work in. Move centre rear seat backwards as far as it will go.

    Step 3:
    Lever off plastic caps which cover the bolts holding the front of the centre seat to the floor. They push back towards the rear of the car, then lever up from the rear. Then remove the 4 13mm bolts holding the front of the seat to the floor. Picture below shows the bolts removed


    Step 4:
    Lift up seat base, and hold it in place using the centre rear seat belt
    Step 5:
    Pull back carpet under the seat, and remove the 4 screws holding the silver cover on

    Step 6:
    Remove electrical connector

    Step 7:
    Have a rag handy to mop up any spilt fuel, and remove the fuel connector. It's a pinch fitting. Then clean up all the dirt that you see, as you don't want any of it falling in the tank.

    Step 8:
    Remove the large plastic clamping ring that holds everything in place. There's a special tool for this, but a hammer and chisel works just as well. The kit comes with a new one. Then you can lift the whole unit out of the tank, being careful of the float, which is on the right hand side

    Step 9:
    Then it's just a case of replacing all the bits with new parts from the kit. All quite self explanatory. Just a case of pulling back tabs and unclipping, then clipping in the new parts. There are also a number of seals in the kit that need replacing too. Be very careful with the float, which it's a good idea to remove first. Pictures below of what it all looks like.
    IMG_20190126_134011224. IMG_20190126_134127271. IMG_20190126_134139856.

    Step 10:
    Once you've replaced all the parts in the kit, re-assembly is the reverse of removal. Be careful of the float when you put the unit back in the tank. Also be sure that the large seal is seated properly within the hole in the tank and is not trapped anywhere. This can be quite fiddly. Only once it's in place can the new clamping ring be threaded on. Be careful not to cross thread this. You may require the hammer and chisel to get it back into place.

    Step 11:
    Once the clamp ring is in place, replace the electrical connector, and fuel pipe.

    Step 12:
    Before putting anything else back in place, start the engine, checking for leaks, and double checking that your fuel gauge is working properly.

    Step 13:
    Providing everything works properly, stop the engine, and replace the cover, then the carpet, then the bolts on the rear seat base.
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