Fuel Filter Replacement (Pre-Facelift Diesel) [Alternate]

Accord 03-06 i-CDTI, N22A

  1. tommyturbo
    first off new filter and tools,i found I only needed a 10mm socket and a couple of extension bars and a swivel connection.

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    first remove engine cover,4 nuts hold this on.

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    then the airbox,2 bolts hold this on and jubilee clip near bulkhead side,don't forget to unclip the plug on air flow meter.

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    next remove the handprimer cover,2 bolts hold the top cover on.

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    now carefully lift the handprimer out the way to make it easier to get to the next 2 bolts holding on the bottom half of bracket

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    bracket fully removed

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    now undo these 2 bolts from fuel heater and pull it aside.

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    now unclip hose clamps and move out of way and pull off hose pipes,remember to keep them at correct sides so as to not mix them up for reassembly

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    next I removed these 2 bolts at side of clamp,you can see extension bar going into one of them,this saves slackening of from underneath the car

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    you can now pull the filter forward enough to get at bolt on clamp holding the filter and remove it.

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    new filter in place and tightend slightly,hold back against bracket to check positioning so as not too high or low then tighten up bolt fully

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    now refit hoses and remember to put hose clamps back on!!!and refit bottom half of primer bracket then carefully put primer back onto its supports,now is also a good time to reprime housing and bleed out any air,pump the primer till hard the slacken off bolt to bleed out air,press primer another couple of times to ensure this,i had a rag handy to collect spilt diesel.

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    now refit top half and refit airbox,don't forget to refit plug in afm.

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    refit engine cover and start up car to check all is ok.

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    and there you go,let me know what you think if this is handy and helpful or not.
    only tools I used were a 3/8 ratchet,10mm socket and a couple of extension bars and a swivel knuckle,altho I imagine you could get away without this,and a pair of long nose pliers.
    all in took me about half an hour and that was taking pics as I go along,not that difficult a job.
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