Front Fog Light Replacement

Accord 03-06

  1. SpeedyGee
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    This DIY guide is for replacing the front fog lights.

    I had an issue with one of my fog lights, it's been all crusted up for ages and was slowly getting worse.
    I also needed to replace the side light bulbs, so I got some LED sidelight bulbs and also LED fog light bulbs

    Here's what my fog lights looked like before the change :-

    2014-03-09 13.27.39.
    2014-03-09 13.28.04.

    To change the fog lights, you will need to start by removing the bumper.

    Tools needed :-
    • Flat screw driver (or dedicated tool to remove clips)
    • Phillips driver
    • Pair of pliers
    • 10mm socket and ratchet
    • 10mm spanner
    • Optionally 10mm ratchet spanner

    Start by giving all the plastic clips a small squirt of penetrating fluid so the inner pins can be freed easily without breaking or marking the clips, also give them a healthy amount to get them free without shearing off.

    Take two flat head screwdrivers and mask the tips of with an inch of masking tape then using these two screwdriver at opposite end of the clips ensuring the pin is pulled out evenly.

    First take the top slam panel off, store all the clips removed together to one side


    Now under the bumper, again remove all the plastic clips.

    Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two screws at the top fender corners then all the clips underneath the bumper as shown above ,then pull the top corner off the corner gently and the headlight hooks will slowly give way. Stop half way then go to the other side and do the same.

    You will find by holding the bottom grill below the number plate in one motion you can remove the entire bumper from the car. Without the need of a helper and on refitting you can do the same in reversal.

    Once you have the bumper off you need to unplug the fog light bulbs, also if you have OEM HIDs unclip the water pipe for the washer bottle. The bumper should now be free, place the bumper on a flat ground ideally on soft mat so the paint surface isn’t damaged.

    2014-03-09 13.51.35.

    To remove the fog light simply undo the one self tapping bolt indicated by the red eclipse in this pic. I used a 10mm ratchet spanner to aide getting the bolt off quickly.

    2014-03-09 13.51.29.
    The fog light will now simply push out, it is hinged on one side.

    Here's the old one.
    2014-03-09 14.45.19.
    New versus old :-
    2014-03-09 13.54.44.

    Hinge the replacement fog light back in and refit the bolt.
    If you need to replace your sidelight bulbs now is a good time to do so, with the bumper completely off you can put your hand up and twist the sidelight bulb off.

    The rest of the refit instructions are reverse of removal.

    Here's the end result :-
    2014-03-09 14.19.54. 2014-03-09 14.39.38_1.JPG

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    This is a must do job on my list, nice to see it's straightforward, just need to borrow my mates drive. :)
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    Great guide, you can also leave the bottom of the bumper connected and reach down to the fogs to save some time.
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