Front Brakes: Strip, Clean, Lubricate & Paint

Accord 03-08 (Guide Utilises Type-R Callipers)

  1. Dom
    Annual Front brake strip clean lubricate and paint.

    Got up and saw the sun out,so I seized the opportunity to do the annual strip clean and assemble of the front brakes.

    Sorry this DIY will not be step by step since my hands were so dirty I dare no list the camera. I ran out of latex gloves so used my Mechanix wear gloves throughout.

    First remove the wheels. Look at the state of the body work it covered with salt. We had an insane amount of snow and the roads are oozing with salt so will be washing the car once I do the rear brakes may be tomorrow.
    Looks grubby and it needs a clean.
    Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3.

    Calliper off look at the pads these have covered 50K miles and they have 50 % still left.There is no outer lip too that what I call Honda quality,why would you buy aftermarket gear?

    Picture 4.

    Pistons look good no major rusting as they were coated and lubricated last year.
    Picture 5.
    Look at the rust on the front disc air vanes , it needs a proper clean

    Picture 6.
    After a good clean using a wire brush

    Picture 7.
    Using a flathead screwdriver clean out all the air vents, every single one of them on both discs were blocked, look at the rust on the floor. After unblocking all the vents blasted them with a jet of brake cleaner fluid to chase out any debris. Could have done with compressed air but I don’t have a compressor.

    Picture 8.
    Offside calliper looking worse then the near side

    Picture 9.
    Using steel wool wrapped around my index finger cleaned the pistons

    Picture 10.

    Next move to clean all the rattle shims and piston with a dremel using a brass brush

    Picture 11. Picture 12. Picture 13.

    After 15 minutes of high speed pass this is the result, make sure you don’t touch the calliper piston seals. Lower the speed and use a steel brush.
    Picture 14.

    Please wear eye protection as rust as strands of brass fibre will be flying around. You may want to wear a mask too to stop it flying onto your lips. I can stress how import eye care is using power tools. Even clean with brake fluid the splatter can enter your eye, so please take care of your precious eyes.

    Once thoroughly cleaned rinsed off with brake fluid cleaner and coat them liberally with high temperature silicone grease.

    Picgture 15. Picture 16. Picture 17. Picture 18. Picture 19.

    These were the grease used. The pad grease is self-explanatory, The brake cylinder grease was used to coat all rubber boots and seals to sure they remain in pristine condition, and coat the exposed pistons.
    The superfit Silicone grease (I would have used Honda owns silicone grease but that is now been discontinued) was used for the sliders. All slider lift automatically and sharply on rebound on its own. None of the slider was showing scoring or pitting just a smooth rifle gun action.

    Painted the calliper and carrier and torqued up all the bolts and wheel lugs nuts with a recently calibrated torque wrench.

    Picture 20. Picture 21.

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    very helpful..tx
  2. brian62c
    Very useful info and clear pictures. I'll be back next time I do mine.
  3. foxleys
    Very impressed, thanks for all the info, my Accord needs new disks and pads all round, but has only done 35k odd gulp & they quoted £640!