front brake caliper seal replacement

accord 2.4 tourer 2005

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    Having had a problem with my front brakes and finding that the dust cover seals were rotten i decided to go down the route of replacing the seals as apposed to buying new calipers that may be cost more than the car is worth. The company i used were brakes international cost of the 2 kits that contain all seals required and 2 new pistons was £45.90 add to that brake fluid £5.00 a lot cheaper than new calipers. accord calipers are one of the most simple calipers to do. Tools required are 7mm hex socket or key a 14mm spanner a flat blade screwdriver and a pair of plyers something to clamp the brake hose and a dust mask. So jack the car up remove the wheel and rest on axle stand or strong wood. turn the steering to full lock so the caliper swings to the outside. Remove the retaining wire from the side of the caliper noting how it fits. crack of the hose banjo bolt then just nip it up. Remove the plastic caps from the slider pins and undo the pins with the 7 mm hex key and pull them out then pull off the caliper and remove the inner pad from the piston and tie the caliper to the front strut or get some one to hold it . Place a tray under it i use a paint roller tray. now using the foot brake pump out the piston till it pops out and clamp the brake hose. you can now remove the banjo bolt in the brake hose and remove the caliper. you now need to clean the caliper with brake cleaner or degreaser. the rubbers can now be removed with a screw driver. If you are going to paint the caliper clean as much crud of as you can and paint it now i used 5 wheel silver but the choice is yours. The kit comes with 2 types of grease. red grease for the seals clear for the slide pins. fit the new piston seal in to its groove in the caliper body and apply some red grease to it or new brake fluid and apply red grease to the new piston and pull the new dust seal over the piston till it drops in to the groove on the piston and the piston can now be pressed fully home in to the caliper and the dust seal can now be pressed over its retaining lip. I use a trim puller for this try not to use screwdrivers if you can avoid it. Make sure the holes were the slider pin rubbers fit are clear of rust and clean then cote the inside of the hole with red grease and insert the new rubbers. The caliper can now be refitted to the car. please make sure you use new copper washers on the banjo bolt. make sure your master cylinder is topped up and you can now bleed the brake and double check all your fittings and refit the wheel and make sure you top up the master cylinder My problem turned out to be rust under the slider rubber causing drag on the pins and not rust on the dust seal of the caliper as i first thought.


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