FR-V Steering Wheel Control Interface

Honda FR-V 2004-2009

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    There is currently no off the shelf solution that retains steering wheel controls when installing an aftermarket stereo in the FR-V; given that the FR-V has been discontinued a number of years now I doubt there will ever be an off the shelf solution.

    It is possible for a relatively small outlay and effort with a little adaptation to another Honda interface to get this working.

    Equipment used:
    1x Connects2 CTSHO001.2 Steering Wheel Control Interface
    1x head unit specific patch lead
    1x Autoleads PC2-68-4 harness adaptor

    Tools used:
    Soldering kit
    Wire Stripper
    Heat shrink
    Crimp connectors, crimping kit

    Having used the following guide (DIY dash removal to get at my Double DIN radio. (Aftermarket Kit - ) to remove the relevant dash panels and access the stereo, these are plugs you are presented with:

    (pic courtesy of @chris2982)

    The blue plug has all the electronics for the stereo (12v feeds, ground, illumination, speakers) and the green plug (2 wires brown and orange) connects the steering controls.

    The Connects2 CTSHO001.2 interface has the correct electronics but the plugs won't fit the FR-V. To address the stereo electics (blue plug) I used the plug from Autoleads PC2-68-4 harness adaptor, cutting, soldering each wire to the Connects2 interface to create the correct connection for the FR-V.

    IMG_20160414_224450. IMG_20160414_224738.
    At this point you have a harness with working electronics for the FR-V. One last stumbling block will be the grey plug from the Connects2 interface, not fitting the FR-V steering controls green plug. These wires can be spliced directly. On the Connects2 interface I cut the grey connector, leaving a 1x black and 1x purple wires. I simply connected the black to the orange on the green plug, and the purple to the brown on the green plug.

    IMG_20160416_122712. IMG_20160416_122728.

    Make the connections starting with the patch lead (supplied with/required for Connects2 Interface) according to the Connects2 instructions and all should work as you hoped.

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