Footwell Lighting Installation

Accord 03-08

  1. SilverTeg
    The first project on my 7th Generation Accord.

    It struck me that the interior illumination wasn’t nearly as good as it could be. My first thought was to wire the map lights in series with the ceiling dome light but then I thought adding footwell lighting might be a better idea. I was surprised that the car didn’t come fitted with these from the factory. A bit of searching led me to an option for the 8th Generation but those are more of a full time on interior lighting not just for use on entry like I wanted. With all modifications that I do I strive for an OEM look and this was no different. A quick look under both drivers and passenger side identified a couple of safe locations to add a T10 wedge bulb fitting that would be completely concealed.

    I started by removing the dome light to identify the colour coding of the wiring. In my car they are a WHT/BLU and GRN/RED. I knew the wiring would take the shortest route to the under dash fuse box so would likely come down the drivers side A pillar. After removing the cover the wiring was easily accessible in the trunking. Be careful in this area as some of the wiring is for the side curtain airbag!

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    I recycled some bulb holders that I had from a previous project car and soldered and shrink wrapped the joins.

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    I don’t usually use scotch locks but I opted for them on the pillar in this case as I don’t want to solder above the dash and knew these cables once taped up wouldn’t be subject to any movement.

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    I routed the cable up to the a pillar from under the dash and then around the back of tahe centre console as high up as possible to keep the wiring out of sight.

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    For the bulb mount on the driver’s side I used the catch from a Mondeo glove box which had a T10 light fitting in it, this attached perfectly to the lower bolt on the height adjustment mechanism of the steering rack. With it fitted here its completely secure and doesn’t foul anything.

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    Passenger side for the moment is just cable tied to the under dash loom but will have a similar fixed solution to drivers side in a few days.

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    Now all remains is for me to fit some trunking over the cable to complete the OEM look and fit new LED wedge bulbs.

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  1. RogerH69
    Excellent guide. Many thanks. I'm going to be installing some lighting in my Civic and your guide is very helpful.