Footwell Ambient Lights

Civic 01-05 [EP3, EV1] (K20A2, K20A3)

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    Though this guide should work with most footwell ambient lights, this is specifically for the kit I bought on eBay -

    Tools required -
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Broad trim removal tool (to ensure that the front pillar trim is fitted properly under the door seal plastic when replacing the trim)
    The kit comes with installation instructions specifically for this generation of Civic. My first attempt, following these instructions and using the snap locks that come with the kit, was not successful, most likely due to the snap locks not engaging properly, or me getting the polarities swapped around. I therefore took it in to a professional installer to wire it up for me, before I did any damage to the electrics of my car :Grin:.

    The instructions indicate you should stick the LEDs in place and then connect them up. I recommend you confirm you CAN connect them and also test them before feeding them behind the dash and sticking them to trim under the dash.

    The kit contains the left and right LEDs already spliced together, so you only need to connect one pair of power cables
    Not part of the actual install, but this image shows how the installer tidied up some cables for me. When I had some items installed by Halfords, they ran some cables (see Black and Purple cable pair below) under my steering column, but outside of the trim (where red arrow is). As these were hanging loose, they could have got caught up when adjusting the steering column. These cables were moved behind the trim and cable tied them to the OEM wiring loom cable tube.

    To gain access to where these cables are, remove the trim under the steering wheel by twisting the latch in it and tilting it down (tilt right hand side down, as it pivots on 2 plastic clips that clip into holes on the trim to the left.

    Green arrow shows where I fed the left hand footwell lights behind the dash. Installer fed the power cables up inside the dash, out of the way (red arrow)

    To gain access to the area shown in the next picture, you need to remove 2 screws from the storage area directly below the side mirror remote control, and then tilt the storage area down a little and pull it towards you, releasing 2 clips at the bottom of the the storage area trim.

    The instructions that came with the kit indicated that you should use the snap locks to connect the power cables to 2 wires going into a pair of connector plugs hidden away where the green arrow below points. The insulation tape hanging loose by the green arrow indicates where I had to expose the wires to connect the snap locks to (snap locks were removed when my first installation attempt failed). I found it VERY difficult to connect the snap locks to the wires indicated by the instructions that came with the kit (The instructions are specific to the EP3 (mine is an EV1), so maybe the wires are located in a slightly more accessible location on the EP3).

    The installer opted not to connect the cables behind the dash, so the yellow arrow shows where he extended the power cables for the lights so he could run the cables to somewhere more accessible 20141115_091457.JPG

    Cables feed up the side of the dash

    And then follow the wiring that goes up behind the front door pillar trim. At the area indicated by the red circle , the installer spliced the power cables for the footwell lights to the cables going to the dome light. The instructions indicate that the Black negative (-) cable from footwell lights should connect to the (Green and Red) dome light wire, and that the Red positive (+) cable from the footwell lights should connect to the (White and Blue) dome light wire.

    Below shows how the left side footwell lights are stuck to the trim under the glovebox using the 3m strip on the back of the LED strip

    Below shows how the right side footwell lights are stuck to the trim under the steering column

    By connecting the LEDs to the cables for the dome light, they come on whenever you open the door / unlock the car, and turn off after a while. They do not come on when you turn on the dome light using the dome light switch.

    Below is an example of how it looks at night when you open the car door. They're actually much more subtle than the picture below shows.
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