Engine Coolant Replacement, , K20C1

Honda Civic 2018 [FK8- K20C1: Type-R]

  1. Dom
    Difficulty Level:
    1) Expansion Tank Cap - Remove
    2) Remove Engine Undercover Plate
    3) Drain Engine Coolant
    A. Loosen the drain plug (A), and drain the coolant.
    B. After the coolant has drained, tighten the radiator drain plug securely.
    4) Drain Expansion Tank Coolant

    Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.

    5) Refill Engine Coolant

    A. Pour Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 into the expansion tank (A) to the MAX mark (B).
    • Always use Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2. Using a non-Honda coolant can result in corrosion, causing the cooling system to malfunction or fail.
    • Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2 is a mixture of 50 % antifreeze and 50 % water. Do not add water
    • Engine Coolant Refill Capacities (Including the expansion tank capacity of 0.8 L (0.21 US gal, 0.18 lmp gal
    • At Coolant Change: 4.7 L (1.24 US gal, 1.03 lmp gal)
    • After Engine Overhaul: 8.1 L (2.14 US gal, 1.78 lmp gal)
    6) Air Bleed Engine Coolant
    A. Loosely install the expansion tank cap.
    B. Start the engine and let it run until the radiator fan comes on at least twice. Do not operate the air conditioning system.
    C. Turn off the engine. Check the level in the expansion tank, and add Honda All Season Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2, if needed.

    7) Check For Engine Coolant Leak

    A. Put the expansion tank cap securely, then start the engine again, and check for leaks.
    B. Clean up any spilled engine coolant (personally use brake fluid to clean up spilt coolant)