Drive/Alternator/Poly Belt Changes (Diesel)

Accord 03-08 i-CDTI, N22A

  1. Paul
    Another job that was done at HH was for my poly belt to be changed. Whilst watching the oil change and coolant being changed on my Accord CJ eagly eyed that my car (2006) still had the longer poly belt on.

    It is well documented that the longer belt (which has an additional pulley) places excessive downward force on the alternator causing premature failure of the bearings requiring replacement. There is a thread here on squeaking alternator; the belt can be the cause of this. Honda issued a new shorter belt which involves removing a spare pulley.

    This new belt and direction changes the direction and amount of force on the alternator prolonging it's life. Whilst not a recall replacement should be seen more as preventative maintenance. To change the belt itself took about 10-15 minutes with the belt being around the £25 price.

    A small price compared to a new alternator. Below is a simple guide on how to do it.

    1. Photograph of the alternator area with the original longer belt and pulley.
    Start showing pulley.
    2. The replacement part (04301-RBD-305). It evens comes with a nice simple clear picture showing what to do. Laughed at the picture of what to do with the old pulley. Note the difference in length between the old and new.
    part no.
    old vs new.

    3. You will need a belt tension release tool (Snap-on YA9317 or equipment). These are commercially available but HH simple used a deep socket long spanner. From memory I think it was a 17mm spanner circa 18" long. I thought i'd taken a picture of the spanner but can't seem to find one!
    belt replacement 1.

    4. Place the spanner on the auto-tensioner (A) with the belt tension release tool (B) to relieve tension from the drive belt (C), then remove the drive belt.
    A few pictures of Ady doing the procedure. He was that quick I had to ask him to put the belt on so I could get a picture.
    old belt with tool.
    old belt with tool 2.
    old belt with tool 3.
    The tensioner requires a fair effort to move it. Once moved the belt will become loose as shown below.
    old belt loose.

    5. Once the belt is off remove the spare pulley as shown on the paper insert. This can then be binned!
    pulley removed.

    Spare pulley and pulley prior to removal6. Install the new belt in the reverse order of removal. It can be tricky to get on the lower pulley (as below) and may need you to remove the engine guard.
    new belt nearly on.
    Follow the path with the new belt as shown above or in the instructions you get and then retention the belt by releasing the spanner.
    new belt on.

    That’s it.
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