DIY Change Air Filter

This is a DIY showing the steps required to change the Air Filter.

  1. Chunkylover53
    Difficulty Level:
    This is a simple DIY, takes around 15 minutes and requires very little skill.

    Tools required:
    Flat head screwdriver
    Size 10 socket and ratchet (or adjustable wrench though harder to reach bolts will be hard to remove)
    New Air filter

    1) Open the bonnet and look towards the left - it should look similar to this:

    2) Locate the silver tie ring around the air pipe and air filter cover and unscrew it fully using the flat head screwdriver. Make sure you hold it to prevent it falling into the engine bay.

    You will end up with this:

    3) Simply lift this L-Shaped air intake pipe - it is connected to the resonator and just requires a firm tug to remove it. If you are finding it hard to remove, twist it to get it looser then pull.

    4) Undo the four clips. The top two (one is hidden) simply come out by pushing the air filter box towards you (towards the headlamps). The other two will come out as you lift. (all clips indicated by red circles). Furthermore remove the air filter box from the pipe.

    Please note that the photo is wrong in the sense that the L-Shaped pipe and silver metal ring have already been removed thus please ignore them in the photo.

    5) You are now greeted with the air filter itself!
    To change it, simply lift the old one out and install your new one making sure that it falls in snugly. If not, turn it around and install. If it still isn't snug then check the size against the old air filter. To avoid these sorts of issues, buy genuine filters.

    6) Installation is the reverse of the above.

    Thanks for reading, as always if you have any questions pls let me know below.


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