Design Specifications(Removable Hardtop)

S2000 00-09 [AP1]

  1. Dom
    Item Measurement Qualification Specification
    DIMENSIONSOverall length4,120 mm (162.2 in.)
    Overall width1,750 mm (68.9 in.)
    Overall height1,285 mm (50.6 in.)
    Wheelbase2,400 mm (94.5 in.)
    TrackFront1,470 mm (57.9 in.)
    Rear1,510 mm (59.5 in.)
    Ground clearance130 mm (5.1 in.)
    Seating capacityTwo
    WEIGHTCurb WeightKE model1,275 kg (2,811 lbs)
    KE model with leather seat1,298 kg (2,862 lbs)
    KG model1,275 kg (2,811 lbs)
    KG model with leather seat1,298 kg (2,862 lbs)
    KQ model1,285 kg (2,833 lbs)
    Weight Distribution (Front/Rear)KE model615/660 kg (1,356/1,455 lbs)
    KE model with leather seat630/668 kg (1,389/1,473 lbs)
    KG model615/660 kg (1,356/1,455 lbs)
    KG model with leather seat630/668kg (1,389/1,473 lbs)
    KQ model625/660 kg (1,378/1,455 lbs)
    Max. Permissible Weight (EU)1,535 kg (3,384 lbs)
    Max. Loaded Vehicle Weight (ADR)1,452 kg (3,201 lbs)
    ENGINETypeWater-cooled, 4-stroke DOHC VTEC gasoline engine
    Cylinder arrangementInline 4-cylinder, longitudinal
    Bore and stroke87.0 x 84.0 mm (3.43 x 3.31 in.)
    Displacement1,997 cm 3 (m[liter]) (121.9 cu in.)
    Compression ratio11.0
    Valve trainChain driven, DOHC VTEC 4 valves per cylinder
    Lubrication systemForced, wet sump, with trochoid pump
    Oil pump displacementAt 6,000 engine rpm (min −1 )58.4 [liter] (61.7 US qt, 51.4 Imp qt)/minute
    Water pump displacementAt 6,000 engine rpm (min −1 )172 [liter] (182 US qt, 151 Imp qt)/minute
    Fuel requiredKE, KG modelsPremium UNLEADED gasoline with a Research Octane Number (RON) of 98 or higher
    KH, KQ, KU modelsPremium UNLEADED gasoline with a Research Octane Number (RON) of 95 or higher
    STARTERTypeGear reduction
    Normal output1.0 kW
    Nominal voltage12 V
    Hour rating30 seconds
    Direction of rotationClockwise as viewed from gear end
    CLUTCHClutchSingle plate dry, diaphram spring
    Clutch friction material surface area188 cm 2 (29 sq-in.)
    MANUAL TRANSMISSIONTypeSynchronized 6-speed forward, 1 reverse
    Primary reductionDirect 1:1
    Gear ratio1st3.133
    Secondary reduction gearTypeSingle helical gear
    Gear ratio1.160
    DIFFERENTIALFinal reduction gearTypeSpiral bevel gear
    Gear ratio4.100
    ItemMeasurement Qualification Specification
    STEERINGTypeElectric, power-assisted rack and pinion
    Overall ratio13.9
    Turns, lock-to-lock2.4
    Steering wheel diameter360 mm (14.1 in.)
    SUSPENSIONTypeFrontIndependent double wishbone, coil spring with stabilizer
    RearIndependent double wishbone, coil spring with stabilizer
    Shock absorberFront and rearTelescopic, hydraulic, nitrogen gas-filled
    WHEEL ALIGNMENTCamberFront−0°30′
    Total toeFront0 mm (0 in.)
    RearIn 6 mm (1/4 in.)
    BRAKESType of service brakeFrontPower-assisted self-adjusting ventilated disc
    RearPower-assisted self-adjusting solid disc
    Type of parking brakeMechanical actuating, rear wheels
    Pad friction surface areaFront42 cm 2 x 2 (6.5 sq in x 2)
    Rear28 cm 2 x 2 (4.3 sq in x 2)
    TYRESize and PressureSee tyre information label.
    WASHER RESERVOIRCapacityKE, KG, KQ models6.5 [liter] (6.9 US qt, 5.7 Imp qt)
    KH, KU models2.5 [liter] (2.6 US qt, 2.2 Imp qt)
    AIR CONDITIONINGCooling capacity3,320 Kcal/h (13,170 BTU/h)
    Number of cylinders———
    Capacity85.7 m[liter]/rev. (5.23 cu in/rev.)
    Maximum speed12,000 rpm
    Lubricant capacity130 m[liter] (4 1/3 fl oz)
    Lubricant typeSP-10
    CondenserTypeCorrugated fin
    EvaporatorTypeCorrugated fin
    BlowerTypeSirocco fan
    Motor input220 W/12 V
    Speed control7-speed manual A/C
    Maximum capacity430 m 3 /h (15,200 cu ft/h)
    Temperature controlAir-mix type
    RefrigerantTypeHFC-134 a (R-134 a)
    Quantity550−600 g (19−21 fl oz)
    Item Measurement Qualification Specification
    ELECTRICAL RATINGSBattery12 V−36 AH/5 hours
    FusesUnder-hood fuse/relay box100A, 40A, 30A, 20A, 15A, 10A, 7.5A
    Under-hood sub fuse/relay box70A, 60A, 30A, 20A
    Under-dash fuse/relay box20A, 15A, 10A, 7.5A
    Light bulbsHeadlight high beam12 V−55 W
    Headlight low beam12 V−35 W
    Front parking lights12 V−5 W
    Rear turn signal lights12 V−21 W
    Brake/Taillights12 V−21/5 W
    High mount brake lightLED
    Rear side marker lights12 V−5 W
    Side turn signal lights (KH model)12 V−5 W
    Back-up lights12 V−21 W
    Rear fog light (KE, KG models)12 V−21 W
    License plate light12 V−5 W
    Trunk light12 V−3.4 W
    Spotlights12 V−5 W
    Gauge lights12 V−3 W, 2 W
    Illuminations and indicator lights12 V−1.12 W, 1.4 W
    Panel and pilot lights12 V−0.56 W, 0.91 W, LED

    *1: KQ model
    *2: Except KQ model
    Unit: mm (in.)