Condenser change


  1. Craig830
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    A relatively simple job, taking me an hour and a half including a brew.

    I have listed it as a simple job as my system was completely empty of refrigerant, if you are unsure get it pressure tested, releasing refrigerant into the atmosphere willingly is illegal!

    First off you need to remove this cover over the slam panel:

    By removing these tabs:

    Leaving you with this:

    Then you need to remove the three fastenings for the front bumper from both wheel arches:

    And there are several plastic clips along the bottom of the bumper, hopefully you can see where they were removed in this picture of the removed bumper:

    Be a bit of a contortionist and unplug the foglamp wiring if you have them.

    The bumper then just pulls off, but be careful of the push-fit clamps under the headlamps. It feels as though there's still screws somewhere, but it will just pull off eventually, even though it feels like you will damage it:

    You will then be left with this:

    Then you need to spray the condenser mount bolts with a drop of WD40 and have a brew:

    Then remove the mounts and unfasten the two aircon pipe fittings, swear a bit as you then just pull the pipes out of the radiator:
    The lower connection was where the leak was, and it wasn't the o-ring but the actual condenser at the spot welds:
    The dark stain is the residue from the leaking PAG oil.

    The the condenser just lifts out, and you can place the new one in with its replacement o-rings (make sure you use the correct nitrile ones, my replacement was an NRF 35867 one and came with the correct ones in a little plastic bag fastened it.)

    Here is the new one fitted:

    Then just put everything back together,and if you're like me then half do the removal again to plug the foglamps back in :Frown:

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