Combine Key + Remote Fob into a Flip Key Remote Case

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    This guide shows the process of taking the circuit board and battery from the remote fob and the transponder from the separate key and putting them in a flip key case, such as this one , and assumes your car key and remote fob are separate items.

    Tools required -
      • Small Philips screwdriver
      • Small, narrow flat head screwdriver
      • Vice grip
      • Silicone Sealant
      • Whatever tools you need to get the transponder out of the key. See video below
    Absolutely first thing to do is to confirm that you have a spare remote and ignition key AND that they both WORK.

    Time required - This took me about 2 hours in total, including getting the transponder out of the key.

    Take apart the flip key case -

    To do this, turn it over and remove the 2 screws indicated by the green arrows (assuming you have the same flip key case as me)

    For the next bit, ensure you are holding the flip key case so that you are squeezing the back and front together, because when you remove the last screw, there are 3 items that are being held under tension by a spring, and these may go flying when the case opens.

    So holding the case tightly, remove the last screw, indicated by the red arrow above, and slowly open the case, getting ready to catch anything that may spring out.

    Assuming you have the same flip key case as me, the image below shows all the separate items that make up the flip key case.

    NOTE - one of the screws is longer than the other two - this is the one that goes in the hole indicated by the red arrow above.​

    Remove battery and circuit board from remote fob -

    Turn the remote fob upside down, and use a coin to twist the battery cap to the open position

    Turn the fob over and tap it on the table, and the battery cap should come off. Remove the battery and put it to the side.

    Insert your small flat head screw driver into the crease on the side of the remote fob

    Twist the screwdriver carefully, and the fob should open

    Separate the 2 pieces of the fob casing

    Remove the circuit board, with it's plastic surround

    Get the front of the flip key case (the side with the buttons on it), and ensure the buttons are in place

    Place the circuit board and it's surround, in the flip key case, as below. It should fit nicely

    Locate the other part of the flip key case, and insert the battery from the remote fob into it, as below

    NOTE - When re-assembling the flip key case, I found it easier to have the battery sitting on top of the circuit board, and it also ensure that the battery sits properly on the circuit board, ensuring you get a proper connection.

    I also stuck some thing double sided tape between the flip key case and the battery, as I found it sometimes did not make proper contact with the circuit board.

    Put the 2 pieces of the flip key case to the side for now​
    Remove the transponder from the key -

    I followed the video below, and it was quite a simple process (just hard work as those key casings are tough)

    Below shows me half way through getting the transponder exposed
    IMG_20150224_184109. IMG_20150224_184116.

    And finally, you're left with just the key and it's transponder

    Pop the transponder sleeve out of the key

    And then remove the transponder from it's sleeve (just push it through from one end)

    Important things to note about some of the parts of the flip key case -

    Looking at the flip key, you will notice that it has a little recess, as indicated by the red arrow

    This is to match up with the short protrusion on the flip key button (the button has 3 protrusions, one is shorter than the other two) as per the red arrow below

    The red circle below shows the flip key button properly aligned in the flip key head

    This enables the button to protrude properly as below

    Looking at the spring that came out of the flip key case, you will see one end has a small protrusion

    That protrusion is meant to line up with the notches in the other side of the flip key case. Note the small plastic spike in the middle of the notches. This goes inside the spring when assembling the flip key case.

    Reassemble the flip key case -

    The transponder on it's own will not sit snugly in the space allocated to it in the flip key case, so I put a small amount of silicone sealant in the transponder recess

    And then inserted the transponder (I do not know if it matters which way it faces - will find out tomorrow once I have the flip key cut to match my car)

    It's recommended that you use a vice grip to hold the bottom of the flip key case when assembling, to ensure it is held steady. Do not tighten the vice grip too tight, or you will deform the flip key case
    IMG_20150224_191404. IMG_20150224_191428.

    Insert the flip key, it's button and the spring as shown below. Note that I place the battery on the circuit board, and not in it's recess on the other half of the flip key case. This is to ensure it is aligned properly and making proper contact with the circuit board.

    Take note of the way the protrusion on the end of the spring is facing

    (Apologies for not taking pictures of the last few steps below - I will try to describe them in more detail)

    Carefully place the other side of the flip key case in place such that the spring goes around the small spike mentioned earlier. Do not push down too hard.

    Carefully turn the top part of the case ANTI-CLOCKWISE, to create some tension in the spring. I found that a single 360 degree rotation was enough.

    Align the two pieces of the flip key case , and push them together, ensuring that the battery is in place.

    Hold the two pieces of the flip key case together tightly and remove the case from the vice grip.

    Hold the case closed and -​
      • Confirm that the buttons work (a small red light should illuminate when they are pressed)
      • Depress the flip key button, and move the key to the closed position, and then press the flip key button again to ensure that the key springs to the open position
      • If either of the above fail, then open the case, check everything is seated properly, ensure you tension the spring properly (maybe try one more rotation) and re-assemble the case again
    Assuming everything works, take the longer of the three screws, and screw it into the hole indicated by the red arrow, and take the other 2 screws and screw them into the holes indicated by the green arrows

    All done :OTT:

    Images below show my flip key case (I have not yet had the key cut to match my car)
    IMG_20150224_193754. IMG_20150224_193801.

    I also attached a Honda logo to make it look more OEM (it actually fits quite nicely in the appropriate recess).
    IMG_20150224_194211. IMG_20150224_194222. IMG_20150224_194229.
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