Clutch Reservoir Fluid Change

Accord 08-14 i-VTEC, K24Z3

  1. Dom
    After completing the brake flush on Zoran Car and brake work as per this thread.

    The fluid in the Clutch reservoir was looking rather pinkish than the fresh yellow amber of the brake reservoir.

    First locate the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder as shown here

    Clutch Hydraulic System Bleeding.JPG

    To get the bleed pipe in you will have to remove the harness clip as shown above , squirt some penetrating fluid to loosen up the grit and grime then pull the center plastic tab up gently. then pull towards yourself to release it from its holder.

    Then using a brake bleed bottle chase the pipe from underneath the slash guard , towards the slave cylinder bleed nipple. There is sufficient room for you to pull it through without the need to remove the splash guard. Remove the rubber nipple cap then slotting in the pipe is a bit of challenger but with long reach nose plyer I got the rubber hose onto the nipple.

    Remove the reservoir cap and rubber cap Using a 8mm open end spanner losen the bleed nipple.

    Attach the one end of a clear tube to the bleeder screw (A), and put the other end into a container of brake fluid. Loosen the bleeder screw to allow air to escape from the system.

    Make sure there is an adequate supply of fluid in the reservoir, with Zoran pumping the pedal slowly with his hand I slowly topped up the reservoir with fresh fluid no more bubbles appear at the clear tube.

    NOTE: Temporary tighten the bleeder screw when clutch pedal is returned.

    Refill the brake fluid in the reservoir to the MAX (upper) level line.

    Once you are satisfied the clutch pedal feel is perfect then nip up the bleed nipple to it recommended torque.

    After 500ml or two bottles of Honda Genuine Brake fluid this was the old fluid.

    Change the fluid every year with your brake fluid and your pedal will be light and the engagement will be perfect too.

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  1. i-DSI
    Did this a few years ago on my Civic 2007. This is perfect explanation.
    Will do this again on my Accord and Wife's Civic. Nice!
  2. Anonymous
    Nice clear info. Thank you.