Cleaning Clogged EGR Valve

Accord 98-02 (F18, F20)

  1. alvinaccord
    This job is not too difficult but if you are a novice it's best left to the experts, I do have some knowledge of Engines so I felt confident enough to have a go myself, leave yourself 2 1/2 hours to complete maximum.

    You will need:
    • Socket set
    • 22mm open ended spanner
    • Snips
    • Pliers
    • Flat Headed Screwdriver (one large and one small)
    • 8mm Drill Bit
    • Good Strong Hoover with a Crevis Tool
    • Couple of bungee straps to keep wiring out of the way
    • Tin of Carb Cleaner
    • Injector seals
    • EGR Valve Gasket (I used my old one)
    Undo the cable on top of the EGR valve, it's a squeeze and pull one. Remove the two vac pipes ontop of the rocker cover the larger one marked with the red arrow just pulls out. The other one has a clasp, just squeeze the clasp with the pliers, tuck them somewhere out of the way for now.

    Remove the EGR valve, 13mm nut at each side, Quite hard to get to but it is possible with magnetic sockets.

    accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-01. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-02. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-03.

    Put the valve somewhere till later, now to get the wiring to the injectors out of the way. There are 3 brackets holding the wiring case in place, the plugs that go to the throttle body and the main fuel inlet to the engine. These all have 10mm bolts holding them in place, take them all off and remember (take a photo) where they go. as you look at the engine I started with the one on the left.


    Now the middle one just hlds a clip, one 10mm bolt at each side. The one on the right holds another vaccum pipe on a bracket. The Banjo bolt attached to the rail can be left but it does get in the way a bit, think it's best to remove as you do not want to damage the fuel lines, be very careful not to loose the washers!

    Next-up is to unplug the injectors and the last plugs to the throttle body.

    accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-05. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-06.

    Now the whole loom should lift up so you can attach your bungee/cable tie it out of the way on-top of the rocker cover.


    Now the fuel rail, you have to be very careful doing this, I believe the injectors get very brittle and are easily damaged. Right-hand side one is pretty easy to get to.

    accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-08. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-09.

    The left hand one the arrow shows a vac pipe attached to a rigid pipe which when split will just lay down to the right. Now you can carefully wiggle the fuel rail free, the injectors should stay put in the manifold be careful, don't force them! Now the fuel rail is free just wiggle the injectors out with your hands NOT any pliers/screwdrivers!


    Now you will be able to get to the EGR passages easily, there are 5 10mm bolts holding it in place alng with the gasket.


    Undo these keep the bolts separate to the others as they are longer. Remove the complete thing at once ready for cleaning.


    Once removed you will see the holes from the inlet manifold which will need cleaning, I used an 8mm drill bit to pull the carbon out while hoovering all the cack away as not to drop into the manifold (the bits would burn off eventually anyway will just create a bit of smoke probably)


    Now to the EGR valve and the passage chambers. mine were really bad, probably never been done in it's life (123,500 miles).

    accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-14. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-15.


    accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-16. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-17. accord-6th-gen-1998-2002-egr-cleaning-guide-18.

    All scraped out now just finish off using carb cleaner. Don't forget to clean the EGR ports on the end of the manifold again hoover all the cack away. Now just put it all back together in reverse order, the Injector seals just slide on

    If you need any advice just reply and I'll try my best to help you out. The car ran much better after this, the only other thing is to get the EML reset, you can buy OBD2 scanners for £15 off fleabay.

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