Changing Side Light Bulbs

Accord 03-08

  1. Nighthawk
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    Ok, a really easy and simple, literally 2 minute job here.

    Changing the side lights on your 7th Generation Accord is really simple. My passenger side light went out and I ordered some new 6000k LED ones to replace both of them.

    Step 1:
    Make a cup of tea. One cup will last changing both sides and will still be warm afterwards. Turn the wheels so they point in towards the car.

    Step 2:
    You need to remove the wheel arch trim. This is done by removing the screw holding the side of the front bumper and trim on


    Get a flat screwdriver and remove the push in clip

    Step 3:

    Pull back the wheel arch liner

    Step 4:
    Snake your arm through along the inside of the fender up to the back of the headlight housing. You will feel two connectors in the headlight housing from this angle, the bottom one feeds a power cable through, and the top one is the side light. Turn this anti clockwise and pull it out, and you can then pull it free


    Step 5:
    Replace the bulb. I used some Osram ones - 6000k to match the HID's. As with any bulbs, try not to touch the glass housing themselves. Not as important on LED lights, but with filament bulbs, the oil residue from your fingers causes the glass to heat up and pop.

    Step 6:

    Test them out before you put them back in, locating its housing (you can see this looking through the headlight) and turn it clockwise to lock it back into position.



    Finished article:


    Thats it, job done. Put the screw and clip back in place, finish your cup of tea which will still be hot and go back inside where it is warm.
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Recent Reviews

  1. jaydee123
    very good, very helpful, thank you.
  2. RogerH69
    Detailed and thorough
  3. Galgo
    Great tutorial! My sidelights aren't even as good as the ones in your "before" pics lol

    I'll definitely give those Osram bulbs a go now having seen the results in your guide!
  4. Ichiban
  5. SpeedyGee
    Nicely explained @Nighthawk !

    Wow those bulbs are bright !
    1. Nighthawk
      Author's Response
      They match the HID's nicely, but they are so bright, the blue tint is no longer visible.