Battery problems, HFT removal

Accord 06-08

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    I've been having problems with starting the car so I changed my Lucas battery for a Honda battery from HH really good price and free delivery can't be bad but it wasn't long before the same thing was happening I would get up in the morning go to unlock the car with the key fob and nothing so I would unlock with the key and the flipping alarm would go off it was very annoying to say the least I knew it was not the starter or alternator because it always starts first time when I turn over or jump the car and I could confirm charging voltage at the battery - 14.18v.

    I came to the conclusion that there must be A drain somewhere but had no idea where to start, So I done some investigating on Honda Karma and found out about the Hands free kit can fail and cause a drain so enough was enough and I went out to sort it I took Nighthawk's advice and checked at the fuse box, He said to check across all fuse's to see if there was any voltage passing through but I did not pick anything up so I proceeded with removing the HFT unit first up location it's behind this.


    So get your removal tools and proceed.


    I read that to remove you have to place your removal tool into the slot on each side in the internal corner under the bottom louvers and pull forward.

    3. 4.

    This did not work for me so I used another tool found a gap a exploted that with the tool and followed round on the edges once a few edges have been popped up it will lift right out.
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    And here is the unit with the green push on connector just squeeze and pull to release.


    Now when I checked this unit it was warm to the touch the car had not been running so the heat must have been the unit constantly drawing current well I hope then I can put this to bed and be done with it I won't miss this feature because I don't use it but I still don't like the fact that something on my car is faulty so I may have it out and see if it is the known capacitor fault and I will try to repair it myself.
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