ATF Fluid & Filter Change

Accord 03-08 i-VTEC, K24A3 (Automatic Transmission)

  1. Phil1978
    I changed the ATF fluid and filter while servicing the car at the weekend so I thought I'd post a guide up, I've never written one before so if anyone spots any mistakes please feel free to say.

    Parts Needed:
    0826899901HE - ATF Fluid x 3
    25430PLR003 - ATF Filter
    90471PX4000 - Washer

    As this is part of a service so I'll take it the car is safely jacked up an the under guard is off.

    The car should be up to running temperature before doing the job so be careful when removing the bung as the oil will be hot

    With a suitable tub in place remove the drain bung, this is a 3/8" square


    My oil was quite black looking, definitely needed doing


    While the oil is draining time to change the filter, located on top of the gearbox, red arrow, with 10mm head securing bolt circled.


    I removed the airbox for easier access (my personal choice probably can be done with airbox fitted)
    Undo the securing bolt, I used a 10mm ratchet spanner, and remove the clamp, now place a rag under the filter to catch any oil that may leak when the pipes are removed.


    Undo the two circled pipe clips, a special tool is available, but I use long nose mole grips, slide the clips down the pipes a couple of inches, grip the filter with one hand and twist the pipe the the other hand to break the seal, the pipe will now pull off, repeat with the second pipe and the filter is now free to be removed, there will still be oil in the filter so ensure there is some where suitable to put it.
    Now fit the new filter to the pipes, ensuring the filter is the correct way round, slide the pipe clips back into position, there will be marks on the pipes to help with alignment.


    Now refit the filter clamp ensuring the flange on the filter sits in the hole in the clamp as pictured above and refit a tighten the securing bolt.

    If you have removed the airbox refit it.

    Back under the car, clean off the drain bung and fit new washer


    Remove any oil residue from the gearbox housing and refit the drain bung and torque it to 49Nm.

    Now it's time to fill the oil, you'll need a funnel for this as it filled through the dipstick tube



    My funnel is a bit too long but does the job ok. Carefully pour about 2.5 litres of the ATF fluid into the gearbox and refit the dipstick ensuring it is correctly aligned as shown below.


    Now start the car to once again get it up to running temperature, after a couple of minutes while waiting I cycled through a couple of gears to make sure the oil was getting to where it needed to.

    When the car reaches running temperature turn off the engine and check the oil level and top-up as necessary, mine took about 2.8 litres and I will check again after a decent run.

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  1. foxleys
    Very good guide, many thanks.
    I can't view the pictures though.
  2. Nels
    Great Guide Phil. Clear pictures and easy to follow.