Alternator Replacement (Diesel)

Accord 03-06 i-CDTI, N22A

  1. RobB
    My alternator has been noisy for a while, clicking sounds.
    So i knew it was either the front bearing or the pulley on its way out.

    I ordered a reconditioned alternator from Alternatorman Home via ebay.

    Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel Alternator | eBay

    I also replaced battery as it failed on me at the weekend. Cheapest place for battery, Holdcroft Honda of course.

    First disconnect battery.

    Remove engine splash guard, four 10mm belts and eight plastic clips (two in rh wheel arch and one lh).

    Remove drivebelt from alternator by turning 14mm bolt clockwise on autotensioner.

    Undo two 10mm bolts securing radiator reservoir to fans.

    Unplug LH fan connecter, unclip cable tie from fan halfway down fan.

    Undo two 10mm bolts from top of fan.

    Loosen bottom two 10mm bolts from fan (be careful they will be rusty).

    Lift out fan.

    Unplug multi connecter on alternator, pull rubber cover off and undo 12mm nut on B+ terminal on alternator. Unbolt 8mm nut holding cable clamp to alternator.

    Remove top two 12mm bolts securing alternator and oil splash guard (noting length of bolts).

    Remove bottom two 12mm bolts securing alternator (noting length of bolts).

    Lift alternator clear of vehicle (There is not a lot of room to this due to aircon pipe, also be very careful not to damage radiator)

    To refit alternator is reversal of above.

    Make sure you have the modified shorter belt on your engine, otherwise you will be doing this again in a few years, or less.
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