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honda accord tourer k24

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    This this guide shows how to change the back up battery in the alarm siren that is located in the O/S rear wing. This is for the touring accord 7th Generation 2.4 but battery replacement should be the same for saloon models. lower both rear seat backs and remove the small deck section in front of the spare wheel panel by prizing it up with a trim tool or wall paper scraper. Remove the spare wheel cover panel by removing the 2 10 mm headed bolts. Remove the rear slam panel cover by prising it up. Remove the sub speaker cover by prising off and remove the small tray under it by prising out the 2 square clips and 1 round one. Open passenger rear door and remove the sill cover by prising of and pull off the door seal and remove the leather trim panel by prising upwards. Remove the 2 cargo hooks that bolt in to the side panel (see picture for bolt access) Start removal of the side trim panel in the rear door by prizing out at the top of the panel and working across the window be sure to pull off the wire connectors to accessory plug and light then pull the panel over the seat catch to remove it. The siren is located forward of the sub woofer inside the panel. you will see 2 10 mm bolts (see pictures) loosen these but do not remove them. All thought tight you can now go up underneath the sub woofer and remove the siren wire plug that is secured by a press in lug then unhook and remover the alarm. Alarm on the bench slacken the 2 10 mm nut holding the support brackets and slide them off the case. You will now see 2 cross head screws undo these and remove the case you will now see the battery that is strapped to a carrier remove the power lead and prise the carrier off the pcb and remove the battery. The only battery match i could find was from CELLPACKSOLTIONS.CO.UK part number gp320bvh6a6 price £12.59 inc vat and post. As you will see in the pictures the battery has to be cut open and re stacked you will need to cut 1 link strap connecting the last 2 batteries in the middle of the strap so you can and rejoin by soldering (DO NOT SOLDER ON TO THE BATTERY IT,S SELF BUT TO THE CUT LINK) then make sure you insulate the link wire with tape then bind the batteries with tape and tape to the carrier and solder the old plug on to the new leads and re connect it. You can now re assemble the alarm in to it,s case and reinstall in to the car and re trim. Mine has now been in a week and is working as it should. Battery life as per spec sheet is 5 to 7 years.


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  1. honda_saj
    good guide a few tips to add
    Hi peeps,

    the 320mah version however they sent me in triangle instead of straight strip, so to fit i removed existing pack, the plastic tray and fitted inside unit and screwed back up as battery pack was taped up there will be no chance of short also as pack fits snug there is no chance of movement.

    A quick tip for you all, when you re connect alarm will wail, close all doors, and unlock then lock car with remote start car and then switch off allow to charge from main battery for at least 30 minutes then use vehicle as normal siren otherwise siren will wail as you drive until main charge restores.
  2. NottsBiker
    Nice one very helpful