Airbox Filter Replacement

Accord 03-08

  1. Dom
    Relatively easy and painless exercise to change the air filter on your petrol Accord.I strongly suggest you have an attempt at it. It not extremely easy like the tool less approach on the 8th Generation.

    Open the air cleaner housing cover (A).

    1 Airfilter 4.JPG

    You will need a long reach 8mm socket to reach the four long 8mm bolts.Spray a dash of penetrating fluid on the bolts as they do have a habit to stick. Wait a few minutes then slacken.

    2 Airfilter tool.
    There are four bolts as shown here

    3 Airfilter 2.

    4 Airfilter.

    5 Airfilter 3.
    Remove the air cleaner (B) from the air cleaner housing (C).

    Check the air cleaner element for damage or clogging. if there are damage or clogging, replace the air cleaner element. This filter is being changed at 11300 miles, the green side is the dirty air side.Still clean and clearly it can do another 12000 miles.
    6 Airfilter old 12500 miles.

    NOTE: Do not use compressed air to clean the air cleaner element, nor over tighten the airbox screws. Evenly tighten all four bolts so there is no high spots when fully seated.

    New Air filter part number

    7 Airfilter new part.

    Install the parts in the reverse order of removal and ensure the rubber hose toward the throttle body is seated and the top tab is in its slot.

    Total time 15 minutes, once a year.:Thumbup: