accord tourer 2.4

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    My accord tourer rear brakes were starting to bind and as i had just done a full rebuild on the fronts it was now time to treat the rears to the same. New caliper repair kits including pistons were purchased along with a set of brembo disc s and pads at a total price of £140. With the car on stands and wheels off first job is to crack off all the bolts and the brake hose banjo bolt but nip this back up for the time being. Remove the 2 bolts from the caliper (12mm socket) and pull back the caliper from the carrier and rest it on the top of the disk and back plate. place a container under the hub on the floor and using the foot brake pump out the piston till it pops out of the caliper then clamp of the brake hose. The hose banjo bolt can now be removed and the caliper can be remove. You can now remove the 2 bolts holding the carrier (14mm socket) and remove it. Remove the old dust seal and main seal and all parts can now be cleaned and painted ready for rebuilding brake cleaner is ideal for this. Make sure all rust is removed from the caliper bore and scrape the seal grooves out with a screwdriver or similar then rewash with your cleaner and dry. My kit included new pistons and all seals but i did find that the pistons were as new after cleaning so you may just get away with buying a seal kit (£12.66 for 2) but i did use the new ones. Fit the new piston seal first and smear it with red grease (comes in the kit) now fit the dust seal in to its groove making sure it is located correctly then coat the piston in new brake fluid then insert it through the dust seal you will have to give it some help to enter i use a artists paint brush handle for this as its not liable to cut the seal. When you have the dust seal over the bottom of the piston push the piston in to the caliper seal and push it fully home the dust seal lip will now go in to its groove in the piston. The caliper carrier can now be cleaned and the new slide pin seals can be fitted and after applying grease ( in the kit clear in colour) the pins can be refitted. I fitted new discs and pads to mine removal of the disk is just 2 screws but you may have to back of the hand brake ajuster this is at the bottom of the brake plate and is done using a screw driver don't forget to ajust the hand brake back up after the discs are refitted. Reassembly is as removal and don't forget to fit new copper seal washers to the banjo bolt and re bleed the brakes making sure you top up the master cyclinder when you have done.


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