Accord Tourer Petrol Fuel Filter Change

Accord 03-08 i-VTEC

  1. SayamaAccord
    The Honda Worldwide service schedule says this job needs doing every 4 years or 50,000 miles. The European Schedule says it needs doing every 6 years or 75,000 miles.

    First of all unscrew the petrol cap to release pressure in the fuel system. Then disconnect the battery, negative terminal first then positive. Be very careful especially inside the car - petrol vapour is highly inflammable, just so one spark, even from static electricity, could spell disaster.

    In the Tourer, put the seats halfway up to expose the carpet underneath. Prise the three clips out with a couple of flat nose screwdrivers, gently so you can use the clips again. Lift the carpet. Undo the 3 crosshead screws on the fuel filter cover.


    Lift off the cover and undo the electrical connector, pressing hard against the right hand side to undo the clip. Put a rag under the fuel connector, squeeze the sides, and take the fuel line off. A small amount of petrol comes out but not much at all. Undo the eight 8mm bolts.


    Then carefully remove the filter/pump unit from the tank. It might then be worth putting something into the opening to prevent vapour escaping.

    Various components are attached to the fuel filter unit which have to be removed from the old filter and fitted to the new one.


    The metal top ring can be lifted off with a screwdriver and then separated from the rubber gasket ring joined to it immediately underneath which also lifts off.


    Start dismantling by taking off the fuel sender. You can tell from looking at this that it’s a very sensitive bit of kit care is advisable.


    Then the fuel regulator needs to come off the other side. Doing this then frees up the white plastic bracket at the bottom, which has to come off to get the main fuel pump, the silver cylinder, out the middle section. Again be careful with the pump – they are £250 new!


    Then refit all the components to the new filter. Fit a new rubber grommet and plastic clip to the top of the pump, and a new rubber O ring to the top of the regulator – Honda supply these with the new filter. It’s worth using a little bit of engine oil or 3-in-1 oil to just to lubricate the grommet and O ring.


    This last pic shows the new filter with all the components fitted apart from the ring and gasket at the top which still need to go on, and the old filter next to it.

    Once done, the unit goes back in the car, everything is put back as it was, and the battery gets reconnected.

    The car started straight away first time. Well, it is a Honda.
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