2013 CR-V Genuine Honda Robust Pack Accessories

CR-V 10- [RM1, RM2, RM4 & RE6]

  1. Dom
    Option packs are installed at the Avonmouth PDI centre or at the dealership dependant if the customer chooses this option at the point of ordering the car.

    Robust Pack
    The Robust Pack is designed to protect the CR-V from scrapes and scratches.
    Contents – Front & Rear Skid Plates, Side Body Trims, Running Boards, Cargo Step Protector.

    Part Numbers Colour
    08E0P-T1G-R0B10 Alabaster Silver M
    08E0P-T1G-R0B20 Crystal Black P
    08E0P-T1G-R0B30 Polished Metal M
    08E0P-T1G-R0B40 White Orchid P
    08E0P-T1G-R0B50 Twilight Blue M
    08E0P-T1G-R0B60 Deep Ocean Blue B
    08E0P-T1G-R0B70 Passion Red P
    08E0P-T1G-R0B80 Urban Titanium M
    08E0P-T1G-R0B90 Ionized Bronze M


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