2013 Civic 5 Door Genuine Honda Elite Pack Accessories

Civic 5 Door 12- [FK1-3]

  1. Dom
    Option packs are installed at the Avonmouth PDI centre or at the dealership dependant if the customer chooses this option at the point of ordering the car.

    Civic TL.PNG

    Elite Pack Note:
    Not compatible with EX or EX GT
    In addition to the Premium Pack, the Elite Pack includes rear parking sensors for precise audible assistance when parking.
    Contents - Elegance Floor Mats, Door Step Garnish, Front & Rear Mudguards, Side Body Protectors, Boot Tray & Rear Parking Sensors.

    1.4, 1.8 & 2.21.6Colour
    08E0P-TV0-EP1008E0P-TV0-ED10Alabaster Silver
    08E0P-TV0-EP2008E0P-TV0-ED20Crystal Black
    08E0P-TV0-EP3008E0P-TV0-ED30Polished Metal
    08E0P-TV0-EP4008E0P-TV0-ED40White Orchid
    08E0P-TV0-EP6008E0P-TV0-ED60Woodland Green
    08E0P-TV0-EP7008E0P-TV0-ED70Milano Red
    08E0P-TV0-EP8008E0P-TV0-ED80Yellow Topaz
    08E0P-TV0-EP9008E0P-TV0-ED90Urban Titanium
    08E0P-TV0-EPA008E0P-TV0-EDA0Deep Sapphire Blue
    08E0P-TV0-EPB008E0P-TV0-EDB0Deep Ocean Blue

    boottrayhkcivic.PNG mats9thgenHKCIVIC.PNG sidemouldingcivichk.PNG stepgarnishcivichk.PNG
    frontmudflapscivichk.PNG rearmudflapscivichk.PNG rearparking civichk.PNG