2013 Accord 4 Door Genuine Honda Premium Pack Accessories

Accord 08- [CU1, CU2, CU3]

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    Option packs are installed at the Avonmouth PDI centre or at the dealership dependant if the customer chooses this option at the point of ordering the car.
    Accord TLHK.PNG
    Premium Pack
    The Premium Pack includes a range of practical and stylish options specifically designed for the Accord.
    Contents - Elegance Floor Carpets, Doorstep Garnishes, Body-Coloured Side Door Protectors, Boot tray.
    Part Numbers Colour
    08201-2PD-P10 Premium White
    08201-2PD-P11 Polished Metal
    08201-2PD-P12 Cobalt Blue
    08201-2PD-P13 Milano Red
    08201-2PD-P14 Basque Red
    08201-2PD-P15 Crystal Black
    08201-2PD-P16 Alabaster Silver
    08201-2PD-P17 Graphite Luster

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  1. FirstHonda
    Nice to see that they used my exact car/colour/wheel combination for the 'photos! These are an excellent resource, very useful to see exactly what is available.