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  • Bought it as non-runner project car. The car has had good service history until 2013 which is when the previous owner bought it and I must say bit more than they could chew. Plenty of scratches and signs that it had been ignored. But! that is precisely why I bought it. I wanted to learn how to fix things and this gives me an opportunity to get my hands dirty. To be honest, I am keen to see how it ends up as I might even be tempted to swap it as my daily.. but we will see.

    The car does however start right on key and shift gears like a champ

    Standard equipment:
    * Full leather interior
    * Original carpet mats (worn out)
    * AC
    * Locking wheel nuts

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The car is loaded with factory options:

    * Honda's Optional 16” 5 Axe Spoke Alloys
    * Full Sized Spare with Matching Alloy
    * Honda's Optional Bumper Extensions & Side Skirts
    * Honda's Optional Rear Spoiler
    * Full Leather interior
    * Heated front seats
    * Front Fog lights

    Service History & Related Threads

    Stuff that requires attention:
    * All four brakes need attention, the discs are rusty and rear ones are pitted and scord
    * Side view mirror assembly passenger side is smashed new one bought and painted, requires assembly
    * Driver side mat has a hole in it
    * Rear parcel shelf missing
    * Mouldy carpets as the car has been sitting for a few months
    * Rattling exhaust (most likely backbox)
    * A faded paint patch on offside rear quarter
    * Gear stick gaitor is loose - fixed
    * Gear knob is worn Thanks to Roger
    * Battery is weak and needs a full charge - fixed
    * Cracked front fog lamp
    * Missing rear wiper
    * Radio doesn't work - fixed
    Haha you must be thinking, what has he gotten himself into.. well its too late now ;D
  1. My mum had one of these, really nice cars and spacious (same spec as yours, prefer your colour though!):

    [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG][/URL][/IMG] [​IMG]

    The only negative I would say is that the wheels are very nice, but super heavy! Definitely adversely affect the acceleration/agility/braking of the car. So if you swap them, get some lighter wheels!
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  2. I really like this colour !!
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Thanks Roger. I love Red. Shame that UK's weather is so harsh on them ..
      legend-ary, Friday 18th Dec, 2015
  3. Congrats mate ! This'll be a great learning experience for and you'll enjoy doing it. Look forward to following along with the progress.

    Regarding your comment "Haha, you must be thinking, what has he gotten himself into.. well its too late now ;D"... you should see some of the projects I take on :Tongue:
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      I actually can't wait to start. If I had your ninja skills, I wouldn't be too scared but I am confident that with HK lords on my side, everything is possible. Only thing I think that might hold me back or delay things will be the lack of right tools.
      legend-ary, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Build your tool collection up slowly but go for quality tools. Trust me in the long run you'll be much better off.
      SpeedyGee, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
    3. legend-ary Avatar
      you are absolutely right.
      legend-ary, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
  4. To be honest that looks like a very good car and the fix list is nothing major so I reckon you could fix her up for cheap and then start use it as your daily. I'm assuming its good mechanically. Look forward to seeing the progress, where did you buy it from and did you have to get it delivered looking at the recovery truck.
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      I bought it from a small town near ipswich. Yeah got it delivered because it didn't have any insurance/tax on it and brakes according to the owner were non-existent. I think they are just rusty.. will see when I get a chance to do a tear down. Bu the town was in such an obscure place that it was impossible to get there by public transport so had to go by car. one driver - two cars :Grin:
      legend-ary, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
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  5. Good stuff @legend-ary

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

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  6. Congrats mate that is alot of car and quite like the list of standard accessories already on it. Looking forward to the rescue of this car.
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