Daily Driver Owned by Zoot

  • 4th Generation CR-V EX 2.2 i-DTEC in Passion Red with an Ivory interior. Rear Spoiler, Round Tailpipe Finisher & Fitted Boot Tray supplied and fitted by Honda. Mini 803 Dashcam installed by myself.
  1. Pearl red and ivory leather is a rare colour combo. I spent months trolling Honda dealers trying to find this combo before I ordered new car in this combo. So glad I waited as I think it's the best combo. Urban titanium with ivory leather comes a close second though.
    Baby wipes are great for cleaning marks off the leather, dash and door cards.
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  2. Great colours on a great car. I'm not jealous, really I'm not.:Wink:
  3. The more I look at your CR-V, the more jealous I am of your ivory leather!!

    If they had offered ivory alcantara for my SR version, I'd have taken it like a shot. Odd that Honda offer ivory leather, and ivory velour, but not ivory alcantara. Ho hum...:Frown:
  4. Agreed, Ivory interior look so much better then black one.
  5. Great colour combination. Love Ivory interiors.