ZeroZ's Accord
Daily Driver Owned by ZeroZ

  • It's a daily driver car

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The previous owner did a couple of modifications:
    • Custom grill
    • Trunk spoiler
    • Interiour trim paint job in pearl white
    • Engine bay paint job
    The car comes also with full leather black seats
  1. Interesting one!!! Have you personally installed trunk spoiler or was it on when you bought the car?
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      Hi, it was already installed
      ZeroZ, Tuesday 21st Feb, 2017
  2. I bought some used 17"Quartz Alloy Wheels and fitted them with goodyear UltraGrip Performance winter tyres
  3. I see and like some similarities with mine:
    Sport grille, Delta wheels, CU1, 2011....
    No need to say I like that car of you.
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      Haha Nice one, except the colour.
      I have to go back with my sportsgrille as there is quite some colour difference.
      ZeroZ, Wednesday 14th Sep, 2016
  4. I've moved your last comment and pictures to the Project Log as this is a better place for it.
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      cheers Nels, that's fine
      ZeroZ, Thursday 1st Sep, 2016
  5. I like under hood in red. Looks so good been planing to do this as well but no time.

    Out of curiosity which paint you used?

    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      Sorry couldn't tell as the previous owner did the paint job
      ZeroZ, Friday 2nd Sep, 2016
  6. How did you paint the trim on the steering wheel
    Was that removed
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      I couldn't say as it is the previous owners job. But I'm sure they took the all the trimming off first.
      ZeroZ, Sunday 10th Jul, 2016
  7. That's a very striking CU1 you've got there.
    Please add more pictures when you can.
  8. Very nice indeed. :Smile:
  9. That bay look sweet.. btw what grill is that?? never seen that before.
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      I think it's been customized from the original one.
      I am actually looking for an original grill as I maybe going to prefer that one
      ZeroZ, Friday 15th Jul, 2016
  10. I like the little mods, engine bay looks cool !
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