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  • VF400F

    V4 engine
    Imboard discs
    Hydraulic clutch
  1. I like the v twins. i bought a ntv650 as a weekend bike after my cb650z took up smoking (valve guides) my intention was to keep it for a year while i did the z but i have now had it 3 years with no intention of letting it go. I may spray it in the colours of the vf400 as i all ways liked there style
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  2. This I bought 30 years ago when I was 20, bought it with 800 miles on the clock so was like new. It was when Honda first brought out the V range, VF400, VF500 & VF750.
    Fantastic bike, 17" front wheel which was supposed to improve direction change, inboard discs (To be honest. weren't the best but did their job). Hydraulic clutch took some getting used to after being used to cable clutches. It was quiet advanced for it time as in terms on bike tech.
    Unfortunately someone pulled across me on a dual carriageway and it didn't end nicely, bike went to the scrapper and spent 3 months off work following a stint in the hossy.
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  3. wow how did I miss this one please do tell us more.
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